Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heating things up in Style

Introducing two innovative wall-mount fireplaces: the new Icoi (Icoya) and Yan-Li. There’s just so much to say about the beautiful and distinctive designs of these fireplaces, presented by the French company Arkiane. The Icoi fireplace is inspired by a god of the ancient Incas. They worshipped a queen symbolised by a butterfly taking off… and the joyous abstract form of the captures this pretty, compact and light figure. The steel fireplace can be wall-mounted, or built into the wall (ideal for tight spaces). The glass door of the Icoi can be opened and closed depending on your personal preferences. The Yan-Li fireplace has three stylised flames intertwining to illustrate the vitality of fire. Within them, the actual fire roars… an ethical fire of wood that is easy on the environment. Effective and efficient, let the look and feel of Yan-Li fill you with red-hot enthusiasm. Ignite your senses with the stunning Icoi (Icoya) and Yan-Li from Arkiane-via

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