Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conversation Pieces

The rune bed curves face inward to create an imaginative sleeping environment.
Poplar wood

Paper softwall is a beautiful, lightweight, freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape, or easily compressed into a compact sheaf and stored away.
softwall dampens sound and can both absorb and transmit light.
The paper softwall is made from 400 layers of honeycombed translucent white,
fire-retardant paper, bounded by natural wool felt ends.
the thick felt ends fold to create handles when the wall is open, and form a casing when the wall is compressed.

Outdoor yin&yang four seater sofa pvc webbing, stainless steel, sunbrella upholstery available in sand or walnut

Mama-Inspired by organic structures and departing from the standard form Roderick Vos of Design Studio Maupertuus cloned the chosen shape and created a beautiful assemblage. Surprising in its apparent simplicity it ranges from gilded to understated matte.
Sponge Vase

Indoor Croissant Sofa made of pvc webbing, stainless steel, and sunbrella upholstery

Twentieth Collection hand blown mirrored glass pendants in hues of silver and gold.

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