Kitchen Harmony

Elegant Kitchen

Cool and Glamorous

Calacatta Gold countertops — an Italian white marble with gray and gold veins — set the tone for this contemporary kitchen. Designer Erinn Valencich took a classic white palette, warmed it by marrying white lacquer and gray-stained oak cabinets, and added a retro touch with a mirrored mosaic tile backsplash. Photo courtesy of Erinn Valencich

Brown and Orange Kitchen

Want Harmony? Think Contrast

Although designer Jennifer Gilmer uses a bold orange for the walls and an exotic Macassar ebony veneer on the custom cabinetry in this kitchen, the look is still serene thanks to the addition of high-gloss white cabinets. "Combining dark and light keeps it warm while adding some sparkle," Gilmer says. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchens
Large kitchen

Mediterranean Meets the Modern Era

Although Sarah Barnard designed this kitchen for a Mediterranean estate, she avoided a stuffy Old World look by adding wow factor. The deep charcoal hood over the cooking station pops against the toffee-colored cabinets, and the embossed concrete backsplash and armless chair are transitional touches that keep the composition contemporary. Photo courtesy of Sarah Barnard Design

Elegant Kitchen

Two Islands Better Than One

In a large kitchen, designer Heather Hungeling prefers to create two smaller islands instead of one behemoth — a too-large island becomes an obstacle to get around instead of a boost to functionality. Here, one island is topped in granite and the other in warm, rich Iroko butcher block (an African hardwood). Photo courtesy of Heather Hungeling
Black and white kitchen

Study in Black and White

Despite the presence of traditional elements such as the chandelier and crown molding, this isn't your grandma's black-and-white kitchen. Designer Angela Shannon used a 60-inch Wolf oven, high-gloss white Poggenpohl cabinets, Marron Cohiba granite countertops with metallic flecks and clear Starfire glass bar-height countertops to create a luxurious contemporary feel. Photo courtesy of Angela Shannon
Wood kitchen island

Bigger Is Better

Outsized scale creates a larger-than-life effect in this kitchen designed by Heather Hungeling. The massive oak island and ivory Edwardian-style cabinetry are balanced by a contemporary-feeling backsplash with a sleek metallic finish. Lesson: Don't be afraid to mix traditional elements with of-the-moment accessories. Photo courtesy of Heather Hungeling

Artistic and Functional

Bronze high polished Couture Chairs 2011

What a statement!!!!!!!!!! These are designs by James Vilona.  Through his sculpture career he explored the artistic elements of contrasts and similarities between form and function.  His passion lies in creating communication and dialogue with each piece  sculpted, he loves blending contemporary, organic, and abstract shapes into art that will have direct communication through contact.

     James enjoys creating tension, using materials in their raw form as a catalyst to create both positive and negative spaces.  With complete respect for the metal, he naturally builds layers, problem solving both weight and weightlessness through contrasting elements and movement in his work.  His current focus is an exploration using iron and steel, studying natural organic shapes and transforming them into sculptural forms with dynamic tension and release.

     James goal is in finding that one moment where the work itself allows many levels of exploration and discovery, and is a visual communication between himself and each viewer.

View more of James artistic and functional works of art, just click the highlighted bar!!!

Photo: Good morning, and afternoon to many.. The snow is almost gone here ONE DAY, came fast, left fast.. Many times we do not see our today as a blessing.. But, it is, we woke up!


Smoky Green Chile-Cheddar Cheese


Trash to Treasure

A headboard made from salvaged materials can add tons of charm and unique style to a bedroom. In this space, an old door found in a burn pile was paired with a vintage gate — reclaimed from a dump and brightened up with a mist of white spray paint. The end result is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind headboard with enough substance to balance the king-size bed. Design by Funky Junk Interiors.

Industrial Chic

Who knew metal roofing could be so stylish? Designer Kara Paslay created a rustic yet glamorous headboard by cutting an ornate shape out of corrugated tin, bringing out its subtle sheen and wavy texture. The silhouette may be traditional, but this headboard is anything but ordinary. Best of all, this DIY project only cost about $30!

Rustic Romance

In this airy bedroom, a headboard made from a pair of reclaimed doors adds visual weight and a hint of ruggedness to an otherwise dreamy space. The weathered doors retain just enough white paint to complement the room's crisp bedding and sparkling chandelier. Design by Dreamy Whites.

A Good Sign

After a thorough scrub and a bit of paint to touch up the faded lettering, this reclaimed convenience store sign looks as good as new and makes an eye-catching backdrop for a daybed. Not only does the vintage sign provide a theme and color palette for the room, but its historic significance also makes it an exciting conversation piece. Design by Funky Junk Interiors.

loft bedroom features hand hewn headboard

Organic Element

Sometimes, an unexpected headboard can be just what a bedroom needs. In this modern loft bedroom, a slab of roughhewn wood adds a natural touch and warms up the industrial-looking space. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller.

Soaring to the Ceiling

To make the bed the focal point in a small studio apartment, Rate My Space user 4oclock created a striking headboard by securing 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces to two strips of iron. A headboard that extends all the way to the ceiling creates visual interest and defines the space.

Coastal Chic

Shutter headboards are a perfect fit for a beach house or cottage-style bedroom. To give new, unfinished shutters a weathered look, paint them with a "dry brushing" technique, then sand the outside edges and the front edge of the louvers.

Pallet Perfection

Echoing the navy-and-white stripes painted in the closet, a headboard made from wooden shipping pallets is a standout feature in this nautical-themed boy's bedroom. To create a coordinated look, designer Lakeitha Duncan paired the pallets with two wooden nightstands in a natural finish.

Country Goes Contemporary

Who would guess that this modish headboard was once a barn door window? The window was first fashioned into a mirror, which designer Jessica McKay of Birdhouse Interiors frosted to reduce distracting reflections. With a modular look and monochromatic color scheme, this formerly rustic window now makes a distinctive, modern headboard.

Bonus Shelving

This salvaged door not only serves as an attractive headboard, but also provides a small shelf above the bed for displaying vases and other accessories. Even against a bold, custom-painted harlequin wall, this headboard makes a statement. Design by Suzanne Lasky, S Interior Design.

Art Displays

Bathing Beauty

Sometimes it's a struggle to find the right kind of art for the bathroom. A common theme is to go nautical, but we prefer the modern mesh sculpture in this bathroom designed by architect Andreas Charalambous. The figural sculpture is hung from airplane wire so it moves gently, creating different shadows throughout the day, thanks to a skylight above. The mesh also nicely complements the charcoal-gray slate floor.

On the Lowdown

This bedroom corner, designed by Gregory Augustine, provides a comfortable spot to rest and read in the afternoon. But, notice the interesting placement of the artwork. Art was hung below the windowsill to be enjoyed at eye level while seated. It's a great idea that adds sophistication to comfort.

Frame It Up

Designer Elissa Russo creates this hallway focal point with a photograph in a burled wood-trim frame to connect architecturally to the antique chest underneath. Alone, the photo would have been too small, floating in space above the heavy piece of furniture. But the trim, and the carefully placed objects underneath, create a stunning scenario.

Delicious Pairing

The painting's subject matter in this Ammie Kim-designed dining room is perfect for a dining area. The frame picks up the golden tones that are used throughout the room and the art is hung at the perfect height (just slightly above eye level of seated diners).

Glamorous Gold

Designer Simon Temprell demonstrates how art can transform a plain-Jane space. The Renaissance-era painting in a dramatic, gilded frame and the oversized candelabra sconces bring instant character to the room.


decor adds energy to home office


Natural elements and colors found in nature are an integral part of Asian design. Accessories often feature hand-painted ornamental designs or fabrics with a similar look. Complete an Asian vignette with accessories in clean, contemporary lines to convey a serene atmosphere.


Inspired by the ocean, coastal design evokes a light and airy environment. Nautical or beach-themed accessories, like seashells and starfish, are mixed with woven, textural elements. Look for accessories in beachy hues like blue, white and sand.


Neutral elements are mixed with a few pieces in a bold color to create a contemporary vignette. Lighting, which features straight lines and sleek metallic finishes, is often used as an artistic statement.


Comfort is key in cottage style. Look for soft colors, fresh flowers and accessories with a weathered or distressed finish.


Muted hues are paired with pops of red, black or white accents in country style. Look for accessories with a handmade rustic quality, including pottery and baskets. Wood also plays a prevalent role in country design.



Designing with Mirrors

Double the Space

Add mirrors to any space you want to visually expand. "The location and placement of the mirror are key when utilizing them — you want to ensure that it will not create undesirable reflections and will allow it to maximize its innate qualities," designer Celia Berliner says. Mirrors, like this large dining room one, brighten the room, create additional luminosity and add dimension to the space, she says. Design by Celia Berliner

contemporary accents in living area

Dramatic Effect

Full-size floor mirrors can make a dramatic statement in a small space. "Using a framed, full-size mirror placed on the floor and resting on the wall can become an incredible asset in many ways in a bedroom, living room and even at the end of a hallway," designer Celia Berliner says. Design by Nicole Sassaman.

Entry Seating

Mirror Crazy

Designer Jennifer Duneier believes you can never have enough mirrors in a home. Try something new — hang multiple mirrors on the same wall. "If you use them together on a wall, you want them to be grouped in a visually-pleasing way, similar to art pieces," designer Amy Bubier says. "The scale of the mirrors should be proportional to each other and to the wall space — avoid using small mirrors on a large wall." Design by Erinn Valencich

Moeller gray bedroom storage

Design Must-Have

Mirrors can add an extra decorative touch to a room. This duo suits the modern, yet vintage feel of the bedroom. "Mirrors are like art in that the style should coincide with other pieces in your home," designer Amy Bubier says. "They are an integral part of the design style." Designer Celia Berliner believes well-placed mirrors can aesthetically enhance an interior with the use of stylish frames, like these distressed, reflective-framed beauties.

 art inspired living room

Garden Views

This wall-sized floor mirror defines the modern dining area in an open floor plan. Designer Andreas Charalambous of FORMA Design angles this oversized beauty against the wall to reflect natural light and the views of the adjacent garden. The apartment's small size is visually enhanced by the dramatic addition.

Reflected Light

Dining rooms are an ideal place for mirrors, especially when there's a full house. Designer David Scott prefers to use mirrors in rooms lacking natural light where they can create a greater impact. "I love to use mirrors in a dining room and light candles which will reflect and create a warm, romantic glow," he says. David uses an extra-large wall mirror to add more visual dimension to the space and create an elegant, yet relaxing atmosphere.


Creamy Yukon Gold Mash

Oriental Interiors

I love creating rooms with the oriental flare, here are a few to give you some great ideas.

Beachaus I: Trends 2012 Prefab House <b>Design</b> Canada by Pb <b></b>

Modern Design Ideas of Beds Modern Bedroom Designs

Asian Bedroom Style1 Bedroom Design Ideas in Japanese Style Interior

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Cristina’s Low Fat Garden Wrap

Faux Fur Fun

Lucca Lounge Throw & Decorative Pillows

I found these great faux fur throws and more and wanted to share this a striking new addition to the faux fur collection with rich, sable colored striations on a canvas inspired by visions of the Serengeti. This alluring pride is offered in throws, oblongs and square pillows.

Bella Lounge Throw & Decorative Pillow

I LOVE, LOVE the Bella  Lounge set. Bella, the sensual faux fur lounge throw and square pillow is more than just a conversation piece! This sexy fur throw will spice up any bedroom, chaise lounge or living area. Bella is sure to give any space an uber-modern and sensual feel. Made of 100% polyester.

Francesca Coverlet & Shams

This is the Franesca Collection The Francesca collection is constructed in a garment-washed fabric with an elegant damask scroll pattern.

Veneto Blanket and Shams

Veneto Blanket  Let the distinct textural pattern of Veneto transform to fit your own personal style. Whether it's romantic and feminine or modern and masculine, this inclusive ensemble will suit your taste while maintaining its tactile charm.


Cristina’s Antipasto Pizza and Arugula Salad