Fireplace Ambiance

OK, OK, I know it is 100 degrees outside right now, but you really need to check this out. Anytime can be time for a little ambiance, turn down the A/C. This EcoSmart™ Fire is an Australian innovation - an environmentally friendly open fireplace. The EcoSmart™ Fire is flue less and does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, which makes it ideal for just about any architectural environment. Fuelled by a renewable modern energy (Denatured Ethanol), it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.

Featuring remarkable design flexibility, the simplicity of the EcoSmart™ burner and the modular nature of its design grants consumers with significant versatility and choice.

New concept of open fireplace

No flue, no hard connection

Efficient and effective heating solution

Independently tested

Ideal for apartments, houses, bars, restaurants and offices

Unprecedented design flexibility

Environmentally friendly

Fuelled by a renewable green energy

You can regulate the flame and turn it on/off at any time

Check out the video for great ideas!!!!

Ideal Tile Studio

I introduced you to Ideal Tile in 2009. These are updates from the Studio collection. My imagination went wild when I viewed their incredible samples, I felt as though I walked through an exotic art gallery, I had to share this with everyone!

People have discovered the beauty of using mosaic, glass, metal, or stone tile in their homes. It can be used in a variety of capacities and the beauty and unique style of the tile can be created specifically for your home décor. It is a true art in itself to piece together such lovely designs.

Since 1975, the Ideal Tile Company has provided its customers with unparalleled quality, service and convenience. They pride themselves in stocking a diverse, high-quality and unique collections of ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone and metal tiles & mosaics. Also, exclusive to Ideal Tile Studio Group is taking pride in finding the most exotic materials, high-end ceramics, and precious stone pieces for architects and discriminating clients alike.

Among the globally-known manufacturers they import here is a list of such brands as: Alcorense , Alfredo Salvatori, Azulev, Bonda, CVS, Cedir, Ceramica Di Treviso, Cerim, Cobsa, Cotto D'Este, Diago, Edilgres, Emil/Ergon, Eternity-Saloni, Fioranese, Fondovalle, Friends Tile, Gambarelli, Gardenia, Grazia, Halcon, Inalco, Intesa, Iris, ItalCeramica, Keraben, Kerex, Lourdes, LaRocca, Magica, Monocibec (Graal Series), Montgo, Real, Saicis, Saloni, Sea Star, Sant Agostino, Supergres, Tagina, TAM, Unicom-Starker, Valentino by Piemme, Vallelunga, Versace Ceramic Design.

In addition, their natural stone slab division can import direct to you granite, marble and limestone slabs Brazil, Italy and India.

For the past three decades, the Ideal Tile Company has been a proven leader in the tile industry, branching out to new regions and markets.

Giuseppe Grillo, CEO of Ideal Tile Studio Group, will be happy to assist you with pricing, samples and will assure your total satisfaction selecting the perfect materials for your project.It has been my pleasure introducing you to Ideal Tile Studio and their beautiful products.

Contact Information:

T (732) 308-0003

Visit their website to view more beautiful products!!!!

Aquarium Table

Such a unique idea... here is a dual purpose coffee table that incorporates an aquarium for all of your tropical fish that will certainly be a focal point of the room and conversation. The "Aquarium Coffee Table" has acrylic sides that provide clear viewing of the interior, while the removable tabletop of 1/4"-thick beveled tempered glass is large and sturdy enough for the typical daily coffee table action. The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base with lights in the base that illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants. Aquarium Coffee Table 25-ga. With 36" sq. tabletop. Tank 15 1/2" H x 24" L x 24" W. $599.95 Aquarium End Table also available 15-ga 24" sq. tabletop. Tank 20" H x 15 1/2" sq $449.

I would personally use black rocks for an elegant pond affect. 

Island Table

Anara Mailybayeva's Island Table is nothing short of impressive. The strong sculptural lines leave a lasting impact and the table breaks away from all the customary monotonous clichés. In addition to the table, the included three non-traditional seats highlights the unique and ingenue perspective of the designer.


Porcelanosa’s new Soleil Bathtub is running circles around other bathtub designs with its modern circular shape and luxury design. The versatile round bathtub comes as a built-in option, or as a freestanding tub encircled by a stylish white acrylic or natural maple skirt. Or you can make this bathtub an example of contemporary style with a graphite-colored skirt complemented by stainless steel trim – that’s contemporary chic! Inside this 170cm-diameter tub, there’s plenty of room to unwind and to help you along on your road to relaxation, flip the switch to turn on the integrated hydromassage. Check out the Soleil Bathtub at Porcelanosa.

Headboard Havens

In this minimalist bedroom, the platform bed rests atop a beautiful dark-wood base, but it's the headboard that creates the wow factor. Designer Candice Olson uses three panels to make the wall pop: a top and bottom panel of tight-grain ash and a middle panel made of recycled pressed wood. Floating side tables with built-in sconces flank the bed.

Create dramatic vertical impact by taking the headboard to the ceiling. Designer Ann Grasso uses the two-toned headboard to help distinguish the sleeping area from the sitting area in this large room.

A huge painting hung over the sleek bed in this modern bedroom creates a dramatic focal point. When hanging a painting as a headboard, be sure to hang it high enough so the pillows won't rest against the canvas. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

Don't want a massive headboard for your bed? Define the space with framed pieces of artwork. Designer Kenneth Brown uses two small pieces of art and flanks the bed with two display cabinets to highlight the bed in this transitional space.

Silk History

Chinese history credits the invention of silk fabric to Yuen Fei, the concubine of an Emperor who ruled in 2,600 B.C. Legend has it she dropped a cocoon into hot tea and it unraveled. She, by reason of the discovery, has been deified and is worshipped as the goddess of silk worms.

Tusah silk is produced by silkworms that feed on oak leaves.
Silk dupioni is produced from 2 silkworms that spin a cocoon together, thus making a strong double-thread silk. Dupioni silk is currently enjoying great popularity.
The finest quality silk is made by mulberry silk moth, Bombyx mori, which, of course, feeds on mulberry leaves.
The average cocoon contains 300-400 meters of silk.
It takes about 5500 silkworms to produce 1 kg (2.2lb) of raw silk!

One ounce of eggs produces about 20,000 worms, which consume a ton of mulberry leaves during their lifetime.

Silk has been unearthed in the Qianshanyang Village of Huzhou in Zhejiang (China) and has been estimated to have been produced 4700 years ago!

The term SHANTUNG (A heavy wild-silk fabric with a rough surface) comes from the region of Shantung in China. The term ORGANDY (crisp cotton or silk fabric) comes from the town named Urgench (in present-day Uzbekistan in Central Asia). It was on the old silk route and was an early market for Chinese silk fabric.
Countries all over the world celebrate silk by issuing stamps in honor of sericulture (silk production).

Early aircraft design utilizing silk stretched over a lightweight skeleton. Strength, durability and weight were critical characteristics that made silk the best choice.

In the next few years, we might be filling our closets with smart shirts that can read our heart rate and breathing, and musical jackets with built in all-fabric keypads. The electronics and computer industries are developing wearable devices and computerized apparel, so that they are virtually invisible.
As with all clothes, computerized apparel starts with the proper thread. Silk fabric is ideal for computerized clothing because it is made with fibers that make it conducive to electricity. The first fiber is just an ordinary silk thread, but running in the opposite direction of the fiber is silk thread that is wrapped in a thin copper foil. It's this copper foil that gives silk fabric the ability to conduct electricity. Not only is this type of silk fabric a good electrical conductor, it's fiber's are spaced with the right amount of space, so that the fibers can be individually addressed.

Art of Wall Hangings

Decorating Your Home with Wall Pictures

If your home contains a room that seems empty or void of character, adding the right art prints to the walls will add life and color without the need for complicated decorating schemes. Adding art to the walls is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spice up a room. Fine art prints are a crucial feature of your home's interior decorative style. They help tie together the colors and style of furniture and other items in the room. Before purchasing prints to hang on the walls, consider a few things to make your purchases more appropriate. Here are some tips to guide you in the process of decorating your home with art.

Choose Your Wall Art for Each Room

The style and function of your home, as well as the mood and ambiance of the decor, needs to align perfectly with your lifestyle. A home built for a large and active family will not work well if you fill it with furniture that can't be used by children. The same concept applies to the process of choosing wall art for your home. Decide on the style for a specific room, and then choose the fine art prints to match it.

Consider the function of the room you're decorating. Bedrooms need different decoration considerations than a kitchen or an office space. Art that would be appropriate in a bathroom may not match the ambiance of a busy living room. For example, consider these questions:

*Will the room be used for entertaining or dinner parties?

*Is the room a personal space, a quiet retreat away from everything else?

*Will children be playing in this room?

*What other activities (hobbies, work, exercise) will take place here?

Once the function of the room is clear, a color theme can be chosen. Color has a great effect on the mood and feeling of occupants, so care needs to be taken to choose an appropriate color. Pale and neutral greens and blues are calming and quiet colors, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Yellows, reds, and oranges are much more lively and bold colors, and work in a playroom or living room that is used often.

Choosing the Correct Style

Just like the color of a room's paint, a piece of art can drastically change or establish the mood in a room. Not only will it pull the different decor elements of any room together, but it can be used to create unique expressions of style.

*Classic & Traditional

*Contemporary or Modern

*Entertaining & Fun

*Relaxed or Casual


The style of any room in your home depends completely on personal choices and taste, and you're free to add your personality into the room with the correct accessories. Try framing a beautiful oil landscape print in a modern styled iron frame, or a bright and fun print in a traditional wood scroll frame.

Modern Art Gallery Style: If you'd like to mimic the clean and modern feeling of a modern art gallery, space pieces at least two feet from each other. Try to space them evenly around the room or space. This works especially well in long spaces, such as hallways or lobbies.

Above the Sofa: Large pieces of furniture already draw the attention in a room, so adding a piece of art above it makes sense. Hang the print at least six to ten inches above the furniture. Aim to hang it about eye level.

"Here are a selection of tips to aid you in the process of hanging your prints in their best locations, and don’t forget to have the right tools on hand like a level, step ladder, "">picture hanging rail</a>, hammer, nails, screws etc."

This article and photos were provided by my guest blogger Stephen Rosen of

Tassel History

Tassels have been used to symbolize rank, status, and luxury for centuries. Both military officials and religious sects have used these flowing embellishments, whether attached to clothing, uniforms, or other important objects associated with rank and status. Tassels have also served practical purposes over the years, such as distinguishing a key and helping keep small items from becoming lost. Even today, tassels are used for status, the most prominent example of which is the graduation tassel attached to a mortar board.
In sixteenth century France, a formal guild for passementerie was formed; a group of artisans specializing in tassels and trimmings as artwork. These elaborate embellishments may have taken weeks or months to create from the finest materials.
Today, more elaborate tassels are sought-after as design elements. Yet whether you choose a simple, fun design or an elegant, artistic piece, using tassels as embellishments has a rich history and a myriad of possible applications.

Trimmings and Fabric

Trimmings By Henry Newberry

On June 7, 2010 I introduced you to WIDN these are more design finds from World Interior Design Network!!

Fabric by Johannes Wellman

A small selection of this seasons collection of fabric by Johannes Wellman.

Fabrics by Hertex

A small selection of this seasons collection of fabric by Hertex.

Man Caves

OK, now we're talking, let the man do some cooking!!!!!!!!!!! I know some men are better cooks than women, so go for it guys!!!! I could enjoy this man cave myself!!!

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!

Unique and contemporary where he made the most of hitting garage sales to find some great stuff!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty clever for a stairwell, if you're a guy that is????

For the music lover and old car theme, guys would love this one!!!

The term "cave" truly doesn't do justice to this expansive and luxurious space. The large, open-concept room features a sunken screening area with eight leather theater-style seats, a billiard table and a well-appointed bar with adjacent wine cellar. Warm, earthy colors and rustic touches like exposed beams and a richly stained bead board ceiling give the room a decidedly masculine feel.

These are a few makeovers any man would enjoy, which I found posted on HGTV.

What Lies beneath?

A beautiful tile floor makes a sophisticated statement.

This large-scale mosaic pattern is too pretty to cover with a rug. How clever is this, especially for a sunroom.

Tone-on-tone pattern proves diamonds are a floor's best friend.

Colorful Kitchens

 My Space user Ambera2 remodeled her kitchen to match a blue KitchenAid® mixer that sits on her countertop. The wall color complements the tiled backsplash, and the island was repainted a shade to match the great room, adjacent to the kitchen.

Soothing Green

This kitchen by Rate My Space user Karma518 boasts a host of amenities: an eat-in island, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, cherry cabinets, an office nook and a pantry and bar with a wine fridge. Yet the soothing green wall color steals the show.

Sunny Yellow

The focal point, a hanging light fixture by Kevin Reilly, adds a rustic touch. “I searched for two years to find the perfect fixture and this is it.”

Spicy Orange

A gut renovation of Rate My Space user mvbarlow’s kitchen inspired the warm wall color, chosen to complement the Tuscan Old World decor theme. Features include a tumbled-marble backsplash, granite countertops, distressed cabinetry, pendant lighting, large Italian-tile flooring and a vineyard mural above the cooktop.

World Interior Design Network Products Showcase

World Interior Design Network introduces you to Haddonstone. I was contacted by Anthony Walker with WIDN and am pleased to make the design industry aware of their design products showcase.

Haddonstone has launched the Athenian range from its exclusive Robert A.M. Stern Collection of ornamental planters.

The Athenian Collection includes various urns in six designs which have been inspired by classical Greek designs yet feature a distinctly contemporary twist. They are perfect for interior or exterior use and will look stunning planted or unplanted.

Robert A.M. Stern is the founding partner of the firm that bears his name.

The firm has an international reputation as a leading design practice with wide experience in residential, commercial, office, hospitality, healthcare and institutional work.

Attention to detail and a commitment to design quality have resulted in the creation of the Robert A.M. Stern Collection comprising a wide range of interior and exterior products. Each partner company has been identified as a market-leader with a reputation for outstanding design, superb performance and unparalleled customer service. Haddonstone is proud to have been selected on this basis.

Haddonstone has also launched an inspirational new 208 page catalogue which features new and existing designs in traditional, classical and contemporary styles. From planters, statuary and fountains to follies, balustrading and fireplaces there is something to suit every home and garden. For more information visit

Be sure to check out the World Interior Design Network Blog directed toward Interior Design... WIDN blog. For further information,and their product directory check their link at: