Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glass Wall Cottage

This cottage just has SERENITY written all over it!!!! I would add more decor to the interiors, but this totally captures my mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, basis for design, "Every Room With A View".

This gorgeous cottage home design located in the resort setting of Mar Azul, on the shore of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was developed for low maintenance, low cost and low environmental impact with an eco friendly cottage appeal. Designed by Argentina’s BAK Architects, this cottage home is surrounded by forest, offering a private, peaceful setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The concrete and glass house offers a great view of the outdoors, with an understated look that suits its natural surroundings. The glass wall house boasts a walkout to a wood patio and thus, a deep connection to the environment. Inside, two main living areas are designed for public and private life. The public spaces are housed in the glass-enclosed main floor, including a kitchen, dining and living room, which open to the terrace. The private living areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms are in a more closed-off style. Regardless of public or private, all interiors are finished with pine in this rustic cabin home. BAK Architects-via

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