Pool Houses

Pool House

The concept was the idea of creating a walled garden; a container for a building that could create a special place within what is an exposed garden at the top of a ridge in Surrey. A dark yew tree offered an immediate presence of nature and the idea of counter-pointing this with a man-made garden took root. The walled garden became a courtyard, a spiritually rich, calm place that abstracts nature- stone, water, sun, shadows and sky in the tradition of the Zen garden. The building is enclosed by a zinc clad, folded plane, cedar lined internally that wraps over limestone walls – the floor in English limestone and the pool in Bisazza mosaics. An oak clad ‘box’ containing a study projects through the frame less glass wall.

Serenity In Design "No Doubt"!!!!!

No more grass mowing, just the serene sounds of flowing water???

House On The River - wow, it's actually in the river ...

The modern Hind House design by UK’s award-winning John Pardy Architects is one of the firm’s unique “one-off” residential designs that truly is one of a kind. Located near Wargrave on the banks of the River Loddon, the house is based on three parts: public living spaces, private sleeping spaces, and guest accommodations (because a contemporary house like this was meant to entertain in!). Each function occupies a wing of the house, radiating outward in what the architects have described as a “pinwheel form.” Stilts support the house, while allowing the river waters to freely flow underneath when running high. A set of industrial-style stairs leads up to a zinc-clad entrance at the front of the house. Beyond, the unusual house of glass, timber and steel unfolds. A main living space boasts large windows and a wonderful view of nature – trees, water and wildlife – and opens onto a timber outdoor deck for enjoyment of the surroundings, first-hand. John Pardy Architects

Save the Trees In Design

When building your new home or adding a deck to your existing home, a solution to saving some trees around the house and also enjoying the conveniences of modern outdoor decking is this wood deck design idea from Anderson and Anderson architects. An interesting idea for all nature lovers who like having trees around. If you choose to go with the outdoor wood deck then it can be carefully cut out to follow the shape of a tree trunk. Surely, multiple cut-outs can be made to embrace several trees. Afterwords, why not try decorating with river stones and allowing grass to grow up in that place? A great variety of other plants can be planted around the wood deck designed this way. You will get a modern look for your backyard, and also choose a environment-friendly solution. Who would have thought keeping trees safe through simple deck designs can be so easy? Anderson and Anderson.

Black/White and Color

"The little Black dress", it always works for simple elegance, the beauty is that you can add any color of your choice shoes, handbag, earrings, necklace, etc. that will fit your own style.

The same applies to the rooms in your own home. The basics work and never go out of style, the plus in designing this way; you can always change the colors which helps on any budget.....this allows new art, new floral arrangements, new rugs, new accessories to be added to break the boredom of a room.