Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flueless /Style

Incorporating the beauty of fire absolutely anywhere, into any interior or exterior, the Architects line of modern fireplaces from Planika is a fantastic solution to design needs. These fire ‘inserts’ are specially designed for the professional who wishes to add a natural fire feature without the need for a bulky chimney or vent. No mess, no fuss – the Architects line of fireplaces run on environmentally-friendly Fanola fuel which eliminates soot, ash and smoke! This means that the fireplaces can emerge, as if by magic, from within coffee tables or wheeled trolleys (as pictured here) or other pieces of furniture… a certain conversation piece. They are easy to install, odourless, and generate nothing more than CO2 in a proportion similar to a human’s breath. To add a stunning fireplace without all the headaches, contact Planika.
See another minimalist fireplace… the elemental Gaya by Safretti

The sculptural soapstone fireplaces from Nunnauunu are so generous and inviting, you’ll long to curl up in front of them with a good book or some good company! All fireplaces are custom built to suit your requirements, however above and below are some outstanding models picked by Trendir. Pictured above is a model installed in Brackenheim, Germany which makes fantastic use of the MammuttiStone to continue the fireplace finish onto the benches surrounding it. The whole look is spacious and airy, as the steel flue thrusts upwards emphasising the open staircase. Below is another Nunnauunu fireplace situated in Southern Germany, in a gorgeous log house. Curvy and iconic, the fireplace extends its scope with soapstone tiles. Lastly we have a soapstone fireplace with a rough surface for a rustic appeal. Taking its look from huge fireplaces to be found in ski resorts, it takes centre stage in this villa in Finland. Contact Nunnauunu to discuss a custom fireplace design to warm up your home with beauty and fire.

These modern flueless flame effect gas fires are an intelligent, eco friendly design from Superior Fires. Compact and refined, these minimalist fires are produced using a safe high efficiency system that burns natural gas. Perfect for modern interiors, their patented catalytic converter technology allows for a flueless design. No need for technical descriptions, the idea is that it converts carbon monoxide into low levels of carbon dioxide and water vapour. These are usually present in fresh air. Common household allergies can be prevented as well, because the converter is neutralising malicious factors in the breathing air, and itself requires no cleaning and can last up to 27 years. The exterior is elegant and can be adjusted to multiple positioning, on any wall or corner. Inside are evenly spread horizontal flames that fit the minimalist exterior. Flame effect gas fires offered by Superior Fires are sure to complement the existing design of any room, being more than just good looks.

It’s the time of year when many people start to think about adding a great new modern wood stove to their home. These wood stoves from Invicta France, the Gaya and Oracle, are outstanding choices in more way than one. First, a free-standing, wood burning stove adds a real warm welcome to your home. Second, these nature-inspired designs add a sense of harmony and balance, and are sure to become a centre of attention. ‘Gaya breaks into leaf’ stove puts one in mind of a crisp fallen leaf. It stretches out, with some veins still harbouring the blade, while other parts have begun to flake away. ‘Oracle’ is named after a wise, spiritual authority – and it’s easy to imagine sitting around the glowing fire discussing important matters with loved ones. Times like those will never be forgotten – get together and get cosy around a wood stove from Invicta France.

A modern fireplace from Palazzetti which makes a sensational statement in any room. Sculptural in effect, their intriguing forms enliven the environment and draws people in to enjoy socialising basking in the glow from the fire. The Alma fireplace, pictured above, is a particularly gregarious stove, being ideal for placement in the centre of a room. The Alma is a commanding, futuristic fire, made of cement-like material for high performance and lingering warmth. The Casablanca is a fire ideal for a romantic setting, perhaps in the bedroom or a cozy corner where you and a loved one can snuggle up. With a lovely, almost organic-effect grill, the Casablanca is striking without bearing overbearing. Bring the heat and good looks of the stunning Italian designed modern fireplaces from Palazzetti to room near you before winter sets in!-via

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