The Feminine Expression

"Today's renewed desire for feminine expression is matched by the need for individuality. As styles change throughout history many fashion concepts remain the same. Seamlessly through time, High Style (reminiscent of the Carnegie's), is defined not only by the garments you wear but how you accessorize them. Even a very casual day deserves a little sparkle."

This was quoted from a new friend of mine, Michele Eddins, we met at A great site to hang out and share home ideas and meet some great ladies. Ok, girlfriends, as you can see her creativity reflected here in a few of her pieces....this lady has talent!! Michele contacted me about adding a few pieces of her collection to a designer showcase which I had done, however, timing did not permit it...should I do another showcase I can see many areas to use these pieces for the right setting. Michele, expresses her feminine touch to add to wedding gowns, and in the last photo, adding pearls, ribbons and flowers to a be cherished for a lifetime. Now lets not forget about how you can use the other pieces in your home decor as well. Designers, take note, you may already have a client in mind that could use her accessories for that final touch.

The first picture shown with the tassels is my recommendation for a great accent piece as a tie back on a drapery to add a simple touch of elegance to any room, you could even add these to a special table setting around lace napkins. The second photo is a decanter which would be great placed in a guest bath or master bath.

You owe it to yourself to visit her site and discover all of her creativity and the elegance of her special touch.

Lighting Design

I have already written about the basics of buying bedroom furniture and bedroom furnishing planning. Lets have a look at a more specific issue that you need to consider when it comes to designing that special intimate place for you, your bedroom.

Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to getting the overall feel of your bedroom just right. Lighting can totally alter the ambiance of a room, change how the colors look and dictate the way you feel in your bedroom. Lighting also has a range of different uses in a bedroom, sometimes conflicting, and you need to plan your lighting to make sure all are satisfied.

For example what happens when you drop that hair clip onto the bedroom floor at night? You need good lighting to help you find it, there 's no point in crawling around the floor in low mood lighting struggling to see. Or perhaps you like to read in bed and have poor eyesight, so need good strong light to do so.

But then when you've just come home from a wonderful night out and need warm romantic lighting in the bedroom it 's not so fun if it 's lit up like an office just so that you can see the carpet for finding that hair clip or for reading.

You need to think about your lighting plan before you start putting in your lighting. Yes you need versatile lighting, but it can all be accomplished if it 's properly planned before hand. Anything is possible if designed right.

For instance you need overhead lighting, no doubt. You might not use it all the time, but there will be times when you do need it. But that doesn't mean one light fitting stuck in the middle of the ceiling, it could mean a group of low voltage down lights for example, or lights behind a sculpture. It 's all to do with your needs and likes, and you need to do your homework first. You can ultimately save money by consulting a professional to guide you, by not making costly learning mistakes.

You need a way to make sure that overhead lighting doesn't detract from the feel of your bedroom when you want warmer lower intimate light. One of the best ways to do this is to have the overhead lights on separate switches, preferably with a dimmer included. So you can turn individual lights on or off, or lower, to create the exact right feel for you.

Light color is also important. Different types of light bulbs create different light colors, and the overall effect of your bedroom is heavily affected by the color of the light. For example incandescent bulbs create a different color than fluorescent lighting, or down lighting. Learn a little about the color of the light that you want to create before purchasing, not all types of light bulb go in all types of light fittings.

Use of individual lights is also very important. There are some wonderful floor lamps and also table lamps available, just stunning designs and colors. For example if you think you would like to read while your partner sleeps then a small table lamps next to the bed on the bedside table will be very useful. Or a well chosen floor lamp.

And finally, a small tip. Make sure that light switches that allow you to switch off your bedroom lighting are all reachable from the bed, there 's nothing better than being able to snuggle in and switch off the lights without having to get out of bed once you're comfortable and warm.

So if you're setting up your bedroom and choosing bedroom furniture, or perhaps refurbishing, spend a little time planning your lighting, you'll be glad you did. This lighting design should be applied in every room in your home, your home is a sanctuary, You don't want to feel you are in an office atmosphere. Lately, I have noticed circuit city and other businesses using low lighting, someone caught on that it does create a calming affect, so I am glad to see this trend showing up which makes our shopping experience more relaxing.

Serious Real Estate

This is some serious real estate folks!!!!!!!!!! Just for your viewing pleasure!!! If you enjoy a LOT of glass and a contemporary feel this simply says, "WOW"