Merry Christmas 2013

My best gifts are Family

Andrea, CJ and Kaili


Merry Christmas to my grandchildren, Hunter, Kaili, Andrea, CJ, Evan, Owen and Miles 

 We welcomed Miles this year, he will celebrate his very first Christmas.

We welcomed Evan and Owen in 2013-14

Catherine, Christopher and Craig

Holiday Table Settings

Add a custom look, purchase stencils and paint plain plates with ceramic paint.

Add sparkle and color

Add names to each setting

Organic setting using real acorns for napkins rings, hot glue them to a plain ring

Go global, with tablecloths, plates, napkins, center piece and even your glasses.


Mix it up with unique touches


Put the rule of three to work. Select one color and repeat it on the table 3 times.

Luxury Baths

Water, Water Everywhere

Soaking in a full tub is grand, but adding a water feature creates undeniable atmosphere

Tranquil Reading Retreat

Zen bath atmosphere, perfect for soaking and reading your favorite novel

A Tub for a King

This Imperia tub for two by Tyrrell & Laing, shown at Sir Richard Branson's Lodge Verbier in Switzerland, is made of a smooth stone composite that's much lighter (fortunately!) than solid stone. At 76.5 inches long and 45 inches wide, it's one of the largest free-standing tubs on the market.

Entrance Welcome

Warm and Welcoming

Natural elements, the warm tones of burnished wood, tarnished silver and a touch of gold make this fall entry arrangement inviting and interesting. An antique beadboard door hung horizontally provides a rustic, primitive backdrop.

Rustic Meets Refined

A slightly tarnished silver champagne bucket holds natural, dried twigs collected during a stroll outdoors. Mixing fancier pieces with the humble provides an excellent visual contrast. A handmade "merci" clay tag is hung from the bucket with twine to hint at the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Custom Greetings

A homemade chalkboard is inserted in an antique wooden frame as a place to write autumn greetings, song lyrics, poems or verses. It can be easily made by cutting a piece of Masonite to size and painting it with two coats of chalkboard paint.

Pests Can Be Pretty

Pinecones and seedpods that litter yards in the fall can be gathered and used as part of your seasonal decor. Collect pods and cones and allow them to dry in a basement or garage for several days before using.

Serene Designs

                                         These are a few of my favorite serene designs.