Friday, October 5, 2007

Still Life

A creative arrangement of objects can introduce a serene note of order to any room. This arrangement is displayed in a kitchen as an accent. Simple, everyday items, such as stemware, flowers, or fruit make the most effective still life display, the impact of which lies less in their individual components than in the overall display. Composing still life is a very personal form of art; choose harmonious colors and shapes that will relate well to one another and to the space around them.
Diverse colors and scents of flowers can bring an imaginative focus to still life settings. Ikebana, is a Japanese art of flower arranging, emphasizes form and balance in its deceptively simple compositions. This can be created by a simple flower blossom placed in a decorative bowl enhanced by a single green leaf or twisted wood. Face the flower at an angle, due to the practice of Ikebana, it is "impolite" for the flower to stare directly at the observer.

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