Thursday, October 4, 2007

Simply Scent-ual

Most homes and workplaces may be transformed with fragrance. Aromatic candles and room sprays allow us to match our mood with invigorating scents of the seashore or floral scents, different fragrances evoke memories, such as fresh linen, or cinnamon. Accent on aromatherapy today offers fragrances for the mind and body such as essential oils extracted from plants to relieve both physical and mental ailments, or simply to relax and revitalize. In the home, oils may be used in a burner to create a romantic, uplifting and soothing atmosphere. There is nothing quite like fresh dried plants to provide a feast for the sense's. Herbs in the kitchen,such as vanilla have a "motherly" smell which is reassuring and comforting, while lavender in the bedroom is sensual and erotic.

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