Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rooms for the Mind

The type of environment in which you work best depends on you, work spaces at home allow you flexibility to surround yourself with personal items meaningful to you which give a peaceful area for contemplation and thought. Most office environment work spaces also allow you to personalize your work area. This is usually achieved by adding personal photos or a plant and or allowing the employee to furnish their office with their choice of furnishings, rugs, lamps, art, etc.
Good lighting is important, use natural sunlight whenever possible. Supplement a lack of lighting with an indirect lighting source, which is most calming to the mind, a lamp on your workspace is the most effective. Use your space creatively, by using a credenza beside or behind your area will help you stay organized. This keeps your workspace clear to concentrate on each project individually. Keep other project lists, folders, etc. on the credenza for easy access until you are ready for the next project. Keep floorspace uncluttered, have a source for referencing books or other work materials on a bookcase for easy access. Your workstation chair is very important for comfort, make sure it is properly adjusted in height and is flexible for back support.
Perhaps you have noticed that many businesses are using the low light affect for shopping, the reasoning is to create a calm, serene mood to your shopping experience. This apples to your home/office work space as well.

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