Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rhythums of Rest and Seclusion

Sounds of the wind a rhythmic repetition of motion can create a mood of sensuous relaxation that becomes hypnotic. This mood can be created in your home by soft musical beats or the swing of a grandfather clock's pendulum or gentle breezes from a ceiling fan. The repetition of a sound or action time after time, such as a heartbeat or waves on the shore, creates feelings of reassurance and serenity. Predictable rhythms of sound and movement are comforting; an animal sitting in your lap or the deep breathing of someone sleeping allows a calming background against the days anxieties. Rhythm is the basis of meditation techniques, quietly stilling the mind's stresses like rocking a child to sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, place a softly ticking clock beside your bed. Concentrate on the the rhythm of your breathing and let them harmoniously take you away to a peaceful slumber. I also recommend a nature sound clock, one with sounds of the oceans or water flowing in a stream, are my favorite.

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