Monday, January 7, 2013

Traditional Living

multi seating chaise lounge

Sheer drapes and a silk chaise work well in this space together. Tip: Look for a uniquely designed lamp, which can add character and style to a room.

colorful artwork in modern office

Dramatic art provides life in this space with its bold colors. Modern furniture and classically designed draperies work well together.

luxuriously modern media room

This home theater has an art deco look fused with a modern touch. Luxurious silk upholstered sofas and chairs against velvet upholstered acoustical wall panels combine well with a unique deco patterned wool rug. Tip: Add wall sconces to give surround lighting that can be dimmed for viewing the movie.

pops of gold sitting room

This is totally my favorite, the room is conversational, comfortable and cozy!!

beautifully designed living room

In this modern living room, furnishings alternately blend and contrast with the darker flooring, and rugs are purposefully unembellished to ensure maximum attention to the cosmopolitan furnishings and rich, textured fabrics. Walls are blank slates to serve as backdrops for bold artwork, which is highlighted with gallery lighting. Another favorite design of mine, they didn't forget to warm things up with plants.

custom builtins flanking fireplace

If you follow my design style and blog you know black is a basic for me and I love this arrangment and the accent pillows.

The family room incorporates traditionally styled furnishings with slightly modern lines for an updated look. The mirror treatment on the wall mimics the design of the ceiling and cleverly hides the flat screen.

retro yet modern living room

You get a warm and comfy feel with this room.

Cool blues and retro styles create a chic retreat in this small living space. The few accessories were selected with care. Designer tip: Modern interiors rely on clean lines and statement pieces to achieve the look.

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