Monday, January 21, 2013


old world kitchen renovation

This island is located adjacent to where meals are prepared and can be utilized for dining, for homework, as a buffet or for additional workspace. Design by Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson.

gleaming aqua blue countertops

Think outside of the box when deciding on the shape of an island. This custom six-sided island is ideal for a contemporary rectangular kitchen. Design by Troy Adams. Although, I don't agree with the island choice, I like
the shape and style. I would have chosen a top with blues, tans and the wood color to tie the room together more softly.

Pull a chair up to this weighty island or take a seat at the table with a view. Both are painted black and provide a striking contrast to the rest of the cabinetry. Design by Beth Haley.

sleek gourmet kitchen

This island houses both a cooktop and a prep sink as well as ample storage in the form of drawers and open shelves. When space allows, always try to add a ledge and seating around an island. It appears this kitchen may have not had the extra room to do this.

hand painted kitchen cabinets

Don't feel penned in by having to choose one material for your island's surface; this design incorporates both tile and butcher block. Design by Didier Michot.

antique inspires kitchen redo

The colors blend well in this design.
This proportionately sized island is painted in the kitchen's soft green accent color for a lovely, finished look with plenty of function. Design by Jean Alan. Photo by Patty Carroll.

Entertaining/Recipe of the Day

Cristina’s Healthy Spring Rolls & Sambal Sauce

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