Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Piazza's and Veranda's

A piazza or veranda is a must-have room in a Charleston home, and a deep-set space like this one allows indoor furnishings to appear outdoors. Seating arrangement is the focal point of this space as it allows everyone to gather comfortably. Potted plants and flowers help bridge the indoor areas with the outdoor ones.

While visiting Charleston this summer, we took the carriage ride to learn that the doors are to the side of the piazza, located in the front of the homes. If closed it sends the message they prefer privacy, if open, you are welcome!!!

Porch swing covered in barkcloth

The large veranda on the front porch is the perfect spot for a large daybed swing. Hung with rope and fastened to actual boat cleats, the swing is filled with plenty of pillows and 1940s-inspired barkcloth-covered cushions.

If you stand in the kitchen and open the folding window, you can pass food out to the table on the patio — the boundary between inside and outside seems to dissolve. The tablecloth is made from Kathryn Ireland's Marrakech in Bubblegum Pink. Plates are from Anthropologie. Glassware is from Rooms and Gardens. Moroccan hanging lamps are from Berbere Imports.

A view of the ocean is all you need to relax, but a beautiful terrace like this one doesn't hurt either. Dark furniture — Janus et Cie's Veneto — grounds the expansive oceanside terrace.

This covered porch has a mix of antique wicker; the fabric is lemonade- and sangria-proof. Because who wants to clean up a mess after a relaxing afternoon?

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