Saturday, January 12, 2013

Focal Points

Soothing Space

A smoky gray paint color allows plenty of design creativity. RMS user JeanninePC99 stayed with the silver and gray theme, adding modern, gray-toned accent pillows to a slouchy white sofa. A sleek, black coffee table provides the perfect home for ceramic gray fish statues.

The eye immediately goes toward the beautiful accent pillow and the fish statues creating an excellent focal point.

Modern Metallics

A fresh combination of white, black, gray and metallic silver creatively installed this modern masterpiece. Floor-length metallic silver window treatments add a subtle glow next to soft, gray walls and white furnishings. Faux wheat grass planters bring in a deep green hue for an added touch of color to a simple palette. Design by RMS user silversun84.

Once again, without the pillows in the chairs, this would be, basically, a washed out color scheme.

Wintry Elegance

Designer Ron Nowfel created an elegant, yet neutral, space with wintry shades of cream, gold and celadon. The gold accents provide a warm touch against the room's naturally soft color palette.

The chair is a fabulous focal point, as well as a great conversation piece.

resort living complimented by contemporary style

Ocean Inspirations

Designer Joseph Pubillones paired bold, navy walls with neutral accessories, fixtures and flooring to keep the space open and inviting. A beige sofa, white lanterns and rustic wood furnishings stand out in this wintry, yet ocean-inspired room.

The colors blend beautifully with the pillows complimenting the walls and painting, once again, the chair is unusual for accent and a conversational piece. 

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