Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ceiling Excitement

Ceiling Treatments
Cabinets Delivered (via)

A traditional coffer ceiling in rich wood with carved molding makes a formal statement. This type of ceiling treatment requires high ceilings that can offset the heaviness of the wood.

Ceilings are often an overlooked element in a room. However, elaborate ceiling treatments can add drama and interest to a room. Coffered ceilings, painted ceilings and beamed ceilings can all be interpreted in traditional and contemporary styles. When designing a room, don’t forget to look up. Something as simple as tinted paint to coordinate with your walls, or even something a bit more ornamental such as a medallion with a chandelier, will make your room feel more polished. But why stop there? Here is a collection of elaborate ceiling treatments to inspire you.

Ceiling Treatments
Frog Hill Designs (via)

A white coffered ceiling can feel modern with its geometric lines. Balancing the dark walls, this ceiling is a focal point in the dining room.

Ceiling Treatments
Lifestyle/MSN (via)
The elaborate black flourishes on the ceiling are balanced by the simple black and white elements throughout the room makes for a beautiful design. A beautiful unique ceiling light is a great addition to the room.

Ceiling Treatments
Patricia Gray Inc. (via)

Dark honeycomb pattern on a white ceiling adds drama. The honeycomb feature would look great in white on a colored ceiling as well.

Ceiling Treatments
Veranda (via)

This elaborate ceiling was designed by Kirsten Kelli. The dark coffers frame Moroccan inspired blue and white patterned insets that tie into the rooms overall palette. The light fixture illuminates the lovely ceiling treatment from below.

Ceiling Treatments
Apartment Therapy via The Cultivated Home

Stripes on walls and furniture have been popular for years, but stripes on the ceiling is something new to us. Love the sunny yellow and white stripes that enliven this gender neutral nursery.

Ceiling Treatments
Roof Truss Design (via)

A contemporary take on a vaulted wood ceiling creates a dramatic space. The darkness of the wood is offset with an all white palette in the furniture and finishes.

Ceiling Treatments
Great Interior Design (via)

The Rosso restaurant in Ramat, Israel has an undulating beamed ceiling designed by SO Architecture. This commercial application could also work in a contemporary house design.

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