Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patio Styles

Ahhhh, the poolside retreat!!!!!!!! This is an important factor about using lighting on your patio, once the sun goes down, light it up, to reflect shadows and create a romantic relaxed mood.

Ahhhh, I want to go here on vacation!!!!!!!!!

Lovely extended room patio with fireplace!!!!!!!!!!

Love this style for a patio home!!!!!!!!!!

This outdoor kitchen patio is great for the large estate surrounded by the woods and it is completed with a fireplace!!!!!!!

This design is perfect for high rise living, condos or second level decks.

The total jungle feel....I could do that!!!!

A contemporary style and the water does all the rest!!!!!!!!!!

This patio has an old world feel, adding the bright pastels gives it a contemporary feel. Love it!!!!

This patio is gorgeous serene and fits my style of relaxing with nature.

This beautiful eight-sided pavilion, designed by landscape architect Keith Anderson, is the focal point of a European-style garden. I found this elegant design at HGTV. You can just hear the sounds of the water fountain behind the pavilion.


  1. Ingenious design that showcase the great outdoors. Truly unique. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for sharing those beautiful and unique patio designs. Great post!


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