Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Expression in Art

This article is to introduce you to Bee Skelton. She has sent me the following information about her style and herself. We met when she made a comment on one of my articles about "Lighting Design".

"Unlike most artists who have a single recognizable style, I am focused on making art that is constantly changing. As a result I paint in a number of evolving styles, which include abstract figurative expressionism, pure abstract, contemporary realism and portraiture. I am motivated by the process and freedom of putting paint on canvas in different ways and love not knowing exactly what I will paint next! As a result I believe my clients are stimulated and excited to have the range of choice I offer when choosing or commissioning art for their homes or places of work.
For example; the abstract figurative drama and vivid colors of 'Something Together, Nothing Apart' is ideal for the wall requiring impact; a small format still life, such as 'Strawberry on Poppy Dish' can give color and uniqueness to a Kitchen or Dining Room; the oh so dreamy softer tones of 'Family 1008' would look perfect in a romantically styled Living Room or Bedroom; a portrait of a precious family member or much loved pet requires a place of honor and small format abstract gems look amazing when grouped together on a wall or shelf!
I create art for people any where in the world and my paintings currently are in private collections or galleries in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Cyprus and Holland."
The "Sensazione" is a book about , "How to think like Leonardo da Vinci", by Michael Gelb, it is dedicated to re-awakening and sharpening each of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

As artists do, they get to play in the land of the senses as often as they allow themselves to. Their creativity is a gift to the world that helps others engage their senses through what they create.

da Vinci took great care to create an environment that nourished every one of his senses. Nothing was there by chance.

I've written about how to set-up an inspiring creative space in previous articles, Also about placing special art in a room where you can reflect on the peace it gives you or to simply escape to what the artist is telling you. If you enjoy abstract art, portraits and animals you will enjoy viewing more of Bee's art at the following link below:

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