Friday, June 12, 2009

Man Caves

Everyone in the family could handle this indoor media room!

Serious entertaining here, women can relax and let that man cook away!!!!! For Charlotte readers check out Charlotte Outdoor Creations.

Ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!

Back to the 60's tonight!!!

Idea for the game and movie lover guy! A definite in home sports bar!!

Idea for empty stairwell. A definite sports fan fanatic!

This would be for the music, cars and game fanatic !

Gone are the days when men hung out in the garage with a ratty old couch and a battered television stand. Today’s men have their own rooms indoors, often called “man caves” and they have evolved into a wonderful haven for masculine relaxation. Visit any man cave and you will find a plasma tv stand holding a monster television and some modern chaise lounges where the man can relax with his friends. Today’s masculine rooms have become so popular that entire TV shows are dedicated to them.

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