Saturday, June 25, 2011

James DeWulf

Cage Pendant

James DeWulf, innovative Los Angeles designer, known for his original creations in concrete has applied his ingenuity in another medium to create stunning light fixtures. Photo above shows the hammered cast iron pendant. Below is the Triton pendant. Made of solid brass, the Triton is sand cast at a foundry to create a texture that plays with the light in a beautiful and unique way.

Triton Pendant

When asked about his reasons for moving into another medium, DeWulf comments, “I like materials that last and are real.  My mission in life is to bring beautiful things into the world and I do my best to let these come from my deepest self.”  As for the Triton Pendant, he went on to say, “The Triton Pendant is a celebration of light.  The design is a control of negative space while the fixture honors and protects the light.”  For more information about James DeWulf and his designs go to

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