Thursday, June 9, 2011

Springing into Summer

One of my favorite artists/photographers is Irene Sucholcki and I captured this beautiful photo from her website. You owe it to yourself to preview her talents.

Ahhhh, finally able to enjoy the patio without spring pollen, and the weather is perfect for it right now!

A close up of a tulip my son sent me for Mother's Day, I took this to capture the raindrops on the flower.

As the tulips opened up, each took on a different look, this is the inside of the purple tulip which has a beautiful pattern of blues, browns and yellow in the center.

Ready to hit the outdoors, I visited Kings Mountain NC, the dogwoods were in full bloom.

Another bouquet I recently received, featured a spring arrangement of carnations, roses and zinnia's (below)

Spring has been wonderful, now I guess it is time to hit the Blue Ridge Mountains again and then the beach, living in NC gives you the best of so many worlds. The mountains are two hours away, the beach is three hours away. The numerous Lakes which surround Charlotte are also on my "to do" list for spring/summer outings.

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