Monday, June 13, 2011

Black and Bold

A classic palette of black, white and navy blue combines the glamour of old Hollywood with the richest of bold neutrals. If black walls aren't your thing, consider white walls paired with black furniture and accents of blue. This will keep the overall look dramatic but give the room a much lighter feel.

As you well know, if you follow my blog, I love the black pallette with splashes of color. This is a winner for me although blue is not a color of my choice. It does look great in this setting.

Homeowners with a flair for the dramatic may find black and cherry red an ideal color combination for their interiors. Painting walls is an inexpensive and easy task. So, if you want to audition these colors in your home, it's best to use red on walls and black on pricey upholstery. Because black goes with virtually every color, upholstered pieces will fit in perfectly should the red be swapped for another hue later on.

While many designers consider teal and lime green to be two of the most difficult colors to work with, when used together, they create a look that is fresh and inspiring. Experiment with this high-energy pairing in a small space where you don't spend much time, like a bathroom. Because the blue-green tone of teal is less intense than the electrifying citrus color of lime green, it's best to use teal as the dominant tone and lime as an accent.

Pumpkin, medium gray and dark brown is an excellent combination for orange lovers too intimidated to use red-orange or tangerine for their interiors. Adding medium gray to the mix prevents the otherwise autumnal palette from being labeled as seasonal.

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