Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Table Rocks

Beginning in 1998, Domingos gathered local artisans together into a cooperative known as Gente de Fibra to join him in the manufacturing of his pieces. Based out of Domingos family farmhouse and banana plantation, the cooperative has subsequently helped transform the struggling agrarian-based economy into one focused around skilled craftsman and local artisans. In an almost tribal way, the pieces are created collectively by a group of craftsmen.

As seen on Contemporist, Domingos Tótora’s latest creation is a glass table that rests on a set of three rocks. The design is well balanced with a Zen-like aura that could calm even the craziest of New Yorkers. Whats surprising about this table are the rocks, which appear to be the most natural, smooth rocks imaginable, but in reality are man made from recycled cardboard. While Domingos is known for his natural fiber creations, this is the most unusual use of the materials I have seen. The process of making the cardboard rocks can be likened to many traditional manufacturing processes, with an unexpected finished product that looks identical to a raw material. It is a perfect testament to our backwards approach to sustainability, where an organic form is created from man made waste.via

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