Friday, August 20, 2010

Paris Art

One of my sons travels with his firm, as a Senior Consultant for Cooper Design Group, based in San Franciso.

Chris Noessel is a senior consultant at Cooper. His industry experience ranges from owning a small, museum-focused company in Houston to working with Microsoft's futures prototyping group in Seattle. For marchFIRST he was Director of Information Architecture, conducting research and design for notable web sites such as Apple, SEGA, and Harmon Kardon. He was one of the founding graduates of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. He is currently writing and speaking about a work being coauthored with Nathan Shedroff about how science fiction and design influence each other.

Chris, sends me gifts from many of his travels from around the world. He will be leaving for Asia soon, OH, do I love...Asian anything!!!!! FYI, he also designed the logo for "Serenity In Design" which you see at the top of my website.

I had the art framed at a local frame shop in Charlotte. Judy Horn at, fast frame, was able to assist me by selecting a matt that would not cover the signed writings and brought the colors together beautifully.

Be sure to click all of the links in the article for a little history of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. The other links allow me to introduce my son to you. If you live in Charlotte the link for the frame shop will show you directions and services at Judy's website.

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