Saturday, August 21, 2010

Edible Living Wall

Restaurants love the idea of growing their own vegetables. But in an urban environment where space is tight, the typical garden has to be rediscovered to operate in a small footprint. Tournesol Siteworks is a commercial-grade sitework company that manufacturers irrigation systems, site furnishings and planter systems. A recent example of their work can be seen in Los Angeles, at Pizzeria Mozza. The living wall grows lettuce, peppermint, celery, parsley, sage, and other edible plants. The area of the wall is 10’ by 12’ and protrudes roughly 15 inches from the surface. Apparently the staff is enjoying the wall so much, they have picked some of the plants clean.

Tournesol VGM Modular Living Wall consists of recycled plastic planting modules and powder-coated hanging rails. The wall comes pre-grown to provide instant coverage for any vertical surface, and can be used with a variety of plants suited to any climate or situation. Each VGM module has a possible depth of 4.5” or 8.5” of soil which promotes healthy plant life. The modular planting boxes take from one to three month to grow prior to installation.
The concept of having active plan life integrated into architecture and design is common. Tournesol’s edible living wall is exciting for its ability to provide not only aesthetic value, but also healthy sustenance.

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