Monday, August 16, 2010

Entertaining/In The Dorm

Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

OK, the picture is funny, but it works if you are desperate and the guys are saying, "works for me". It's dormitory move in day. Say good bye to curfew, intruding parents, pesky siblings, meals on the table, and your old jean size. Say hello to all-night parties, late-night studying, life in a cinder block room, a diet of fast food, and stretch pants. The Freshman Fifteen is no myth. But with these must have college cooking gadgets and easy dorm room recipes, it really is possible to still wear your favorite skinny jeans come exam time.

The Microwave

Every college student must have a microwave – its uses are endless. This sleek little microwave is powerful and efficient, and still packs enough room for a full-size rotating plate. Whip up this tasty snack mix when you need fuel for the mind.

The Mini-Fridge

If you want to keep perishable food in your room and avoid buying drinks at the vending machine, you've got to get a mini-fridge. This mini-fridge with freezer is almost three feet high, so the top of it does double duty as a work space and storage area (or bedside table). Throw together this cheap ($3 per serving) and low-cal chickpea salad for an easy and filling meal.

The Slow Cooker

This will be the best item you will purchase. Imagine coming home to the smell of homemade (and antioxidant rich) chili on a cold fall day. You can scoop it in a bowl, eat it in your bed, plop that empty bowl on your desk, and roll over for a nap. Life is that easy with this programmable slow cooker. Combine the ingredients in the morning, turn it on, leave for class, come home, and voila! You have a hearty meal waiting for you.

The Toaster Oven

You can't have a full-size oven in your room, but you can have a toaster oven. To bake the perfect pizza and waffles, opt for a toaster oven instead. This one can accommodate six pieces of bread and has temperature settings. On lazy Sunday mornings, treat yourself to easy chocolate croissants.

The George Foreman Grill

You cannot go wrong with this countertop grill created by heavyweight boxer and healthy home cook, George Foreman. The uses for the grill are endless: grilled fruit, sandwiches, meats, and quesadillas. You don't need much to get tasty results; just a lean cut of meat and a few spices yield satisfying results. This small grill comes with a custom sponge for easy clean-up.

The Coffee Maker

Coffee can be a welcome boost in the morning. This four-cup coffee maker can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance, so you can wake up to fresh brewed coffee every morning. Use it to make this delicious alternative to the fancy mocha frappuccinos that are costly to both your wallet and your waistline.

These are great gifts to offer a new student, they need to learn College 101......the basics!!!!

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