Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dorm Rooms

Chic, Functional Dorm Room

With expertise in dorm makeovers, Alabama-based designers Katherine Bailey and Melissa Manifold of Moxii Design Studio share their secrets on maximizing style -- and square footage -- in a typical dorm setup. Plus, they give us the scoop on dorm essentials and need-to-know info, regardless of your school’s locale.

 I commend all the designers for this dorm makeover!!! BRAVO!!

Hide Dorm Floors

Provide panache underfoot. “Don’t be afraid to add personality from the floor up,” says Melissa. Decorative rugs, carpet squares, or bound carpets make an eye-catching focal point and bring warmth. Be sure to leave clearance for door swings, allowing air to circulate. Insufficient ventilation quickly causes condensation and mildew, which are common visitors to campus housing.

Layer Linens and Bedding

The designers chose heavily textured fabrics for bedding and headboards because they hide dirt and disguise stains. Katherine and Melissa advise purchasing two quilts with a washable layer of sheets underneath because dorm occupants have little control over the room’s temperature. “You can layer according to the indoor season,” says Katherine. Additional bedding also separates sleeping from lounging activities. Love the colors and design mix they have chosen for the room.

Elevate the Bed

Raise the standard. The Moxii design team suggests elevating beds onto risers, allocating a minimum clearance of 24 inches above the floor. The added height allows space for storage bins underneath the bed. Plan on purchasing an extra-long bed skirt between 24 and 30 inches in length to hide risers and storage containers.

Moxii design team conducted this interview with My Home Ideas, where you will find more details about their linen, and accessory suggestions,as well as how to make the headboard. Again, I commend their excellence in the design challenge!

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