Friday, August 13, 2010

Aquatic Accents

Midwest Tropical is proud to be a second generation family business which has pioneered bringing design and innovation across the aquarium and water feature industries. Founded in the late 1970's Midwest Tropical has continued to evolve bringing new designs and processes to life.
Their techniques and methods have allowed these unique pieces of aqua art to fit seamlessly into both large and small businesses and homes; working with some of the premier companies across hospitality,healthcare and architectural design.

Capture the wonders of the undersea world in the most compact tabletop designs. Each AquaScape™ aquarium features beautiful panoramic sea scapes designed for natural interior. The unique circular shape of the AquaRound™ tends to magnify the underwater scene and provide an illusion of greater space while the Hexagon and Octagon models feature multiple views. Complete with pump, lighting, extension cord, decorative plants and under-gravel filtration.

Midwest Tropical has been the premier manufacturer of indoor water and aquatic sculptures, fountains, and features around the world. Our patented and trademarked product lines include Water Panels, AquaFalls, AquaPalms, AquaScapes, AquaTables, AquaColumns, AquaTowers, Aqua CD Towers, AquaVisions, Designer Series Aquariums, and more.

Their hand crafted line of acrylic water walls, waterfalls, bubble walls, bubble tubes, bubble lamps, table aquariums, tower aquariums, as well as custom and designer aquariums have graced the finest homes and businesses.

They offer a special thank you for shopping online.... free shipping on all Internet orders.

I have put in my Christmas order for the lamp and waterfall...
View their displays in video!!!

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