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Linen/Bedding Luxury

When decorating a home or a room, one should always remember that color has a psychological effect on mood and emotion. All colors work together to create a specific mood from the color of paint on the walls, to the color of your carpet, to the color of your couch. For this reason, when decorating a room, you should keep in mind what kind of tone you would like to set. Do you want to create a relaxing atmosphere or perhaps a more energetic one? Then think about how certain colors affect your mood and if they work harmoniously into your décor theme.

Once you decide what kind of feeling you want to portray, it’s time to pick a color scheme.

Light colors give the feeling of openness and make the room appear larger and brighter. Dark colors are warmer; more refined, and make the room seem smaller. Warm colors create an energized mood.

Warm colors include red, orange, yellow, and yellow-green. These colors should be placed in areas where you want to stimulation conversation.

Cool colors create a tranquil mood. Cool colors include green-blue, blue, blue-violet, and purple. These colors should be placed in areas where you want to set a relaxing tone.

Neutral colors include black, grey, brown and white colors. These serve mostly as accent colors.

There are three groups of colors: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary colors are pure and are created without the need to mix other colors. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are created by mixing colors. Secondary colors include green, orange and purple. Tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary colors. The tertiary colors (intermediate colors) are red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, and red-orange. Although these groups of color have the ability to work together, they all give off a different emotion and energy.
Blue represents tranquility, reliability, and harmony. Blue also has the tendency to slow blood pressure, lower body temperature, and reduce appetite. Softer shades of blue are mostly recommended to give your home a soothing feel.

Red is the most energizing of all colors. It boosts stimulation, arousal and raises awareness. Red has the ability to raise blood pressure and make people react faster. Use red in the living and dining room to stimulate conversation. However, be careful in using darker red coloring in rooms where people will spend a long period of time in, as it may increase irritability.
Yellow represents happiness, energy, and joy. It works well in dining areas like kitchens and dining rooms as well as your bathroom. Yellow makes space look larger than it is, but should be used in small doses considering that excessive amounts can instill a feeling of anger or frustration.

Green represents nature, newness, and refreshment. Green is a very soothing color and has calming effects that may reduce stress and anxiety. Green can be used to decorate any room in the house and provide the perfect color for decorating a kitchen or bath.

Orange is a warm, glowing, cheerful, and energetic color that triggers excitement. It’s a good idea to use splashes of orange in your décor.

Purple represents spirituality, luxury, mystery, and royalty. Use lighter hues of purple to set a relaxed feeling.

White represents purity, cleanliness, and innocence. White is a safe color for any room of in the house, whether to decorate the entire room or just parts of it. White creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

Black represents sophistication, mystery, elegance, power, and sexuality. Black should be used as an accent color in the house.

After you have decided on your color scheme, you can start decorating in a manner that will deliver the end results that you desire. You can create an atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or one that is more suited for personal relaxation. Most importantly, you will sculpt the room décor that you envisioned and will feel a sense of accomplishment in your work.

(I located this article on the R.Jabbour & Sons website and felt it written so well I wanted to share it)

About R. Jabbour & Sons

R. Jabbour & Sons, founded by Ralph Jabbour, was established in New York City in 1931 on the corner of 5th ave and 59th st in the Savory Plaza hotel building. It featured the finest imported hand made household linens, ladies lingerie, and housecoats. Fifteen years later, Ralph’s son, Edmond, returned from WWII naval service and joined the business which had moved two doors further east to a larger storefront in the same building.

Over the next 30 years, the business expanded and moved to locations on East 55th, east 56th, and east 58th streets, always between 5th and Madison. Because of these central locations, it garnered customers from all over the United States and Europe.

Dedicated to showing the world’s finest handmade linens for the home and exceptional style and quality, the company is now in its fourth generation and continues to provide exceptional service for all bedroom, bathroom, and dining needs. Today, this unsurpassed quality is found in their products that extend beyond the home into executive office suites and boardrooms as well as private yachts.

One is always pleasantly surprised to find their selections and suggestions just perfect for all occasions. Custom embroidery and detailing is available to enhance the unique quality and elegance. Lasting relationships with their customers is testimony to both the service and quality at R. Jabbour & Sons.

Mingling Vines

The Anabelle scrolling vine embroidery gives the feeling of a beautiful English style bedroom. The white and green contrasting creates a soft, natural and relaxed atmosphere. Milano sheeting with hemstitch detailing only adds to the design presence of this bedding set.

For the minimalist, simply a white Egyptian cotton terry towel. Auberge is made from 650 gram double-twisted yarns...Ahhhh, the softness!!! Monogram your initials on the towels for a more intense feel. The towels do not come monogrammed. If you would like to have them monogrammed, they will custom design per your request.

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