Monday, July 19, 2010

International Connection

I was contacted by Liever a Dutch owned firm who specialize in interior design and hotel design, since it is summer, I researched a couple of outdoor furniture ideas on their site and loved the furniture and the ideas. We are now linking together and sharing design ideas through our websites. While reseaching their site,I used google translate to convert their site from Dutch to English. How fun is this across the seas!!!!!!

Styling tips in this picture from Liever:

 Lets you keep the holiday feeling at home! Make the roof of bamboo and wicker blinds instead of the entrance. So you create your own Balinese vacation paradise.

Serenity In Design welcomes Liever to America, I look forward to exchanging design ideas.

Extensive designs and products found on Liever, this sofa is lovely, the pattern and design makes a beautiful statement as traditional elegance.

I love this overstuffed style sofa!!!!!!!!!
Unique, stylish so contemporary....LOVE IT!!!!

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  1. My thumbs up for these designs, they make me feel relaxed just by looking at them! :)


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