Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paltrow Project

Feature Designer
Annette Joseph
Atlanta, Ga

Interview with Annette Joseph and Gwyneth Paltrow

“When I first got word I would be designing a temporary living space in Nashville, Tennessee for Gwyneth Paltrow while she was filming a movie, all I knew is that she was a very accomplished actress, loves to cook, and has a website called GOOP.”

“Anything more about her I was about to learn at our first design meeting in Nashville, on a cold day in January.”

Our meeting:

“We met in the apartment, which in a word was a shell. All it really had to speak for it was a fantastic view of downtown Nashville, and that’s about it. The kitchen was builder grade (in other words, not so nice) and the bathrooms were very ordinary. The big challenge?: How to make this space a beautiful yet comfortable landing pad for a busy woman and her family, temporarily living in the south.”

“Gwyneth does a lot of cooking and we agreed that the kitchen needed some alterations, mainly a gas stove. I assured her I would make it a cook’s kitchen, (and I did.)”

“Then we surveyed the rest of the apartment, the only request she had was a proper bathtub, as she loves to bathe her kids at night. After our walk through we sat down in my office to hammer out the details, so I could get started. I only had 10 days to plan, tear down, construct and decorate the apartment (a 3 month project condensed into 10 days.)”

Details on Annette's project "What an amazing job", Bravo Annette.

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