Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dining Designs

Formal and clean dining room

The French chandelier and the dark wood of the table give this dining room a heightened sense of splendor. The color from the upholstered cushions on the chairs is carried through the accented walls, tying this room together with a formal and clean look throughout.

Dining room with a modern flair

A minimalist space requires a minimalist design to provide the right balance. Though this space isn’t tiny, it does provide lots of design challenges. The homeowners chose a simple table with simple chairs to create the perfect place for any meal. To further reduce the space needs, the homeowners put a shelf on the far wall to keep everyday items within easy reach.

Country classic

A distressed pine table feels right at home in this modern take on a farmhouse dining room. Floral chairs emphasize the colors in the valance and curtains, and a large centerpiece enhances the room's appeal. An accent rug continues the country feel against the pine-stained floor.

Contemporary dining room

This dining room provides a large space for entertaining any party or for seating up to eight people. The warm earth tones, travertine floor and natural stone wall make this a serene spot for a feast. The floor-to-ceiling windows give the feeling of being outside without having to contend with the elements.

Dining room nook

In a small home, sometimes a room must perform not only double but triple duty for everyday living. Here the dining room serves as a formal dining area, a conversation spot and a kitchen all rolled into one. A round glass table provides a light, airy feel. Colors in the Roman shades tie the room together by picking up elements in the dining-room table, counter seats and ottoman.


  1. What gorgeous designs! You've really got a flair for really modern design work. Have you ever done anything in a romantic style? We'd love to see! (http://bit.ly/d5C2fe)

  2. Thank you for your comments (Team) there are a few articles you may like in the archives. Go to search at the upper left corner and type these headings:
    Romance and Lace
    Mood Lighting
    Elegant Exposure
    Touches of Luxury

    Enjoy and again thank you for your comments


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