Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! Jamica

The 1991 winter season was the opening of The Hermitage, named after an old plantation house that occupied this spectacular waterfront site about two hundred years ago. The Hermitage is set on almost four acres of waterfront, has four bedrooms with fantastic sea views, a fine staff, and a large octagonal pool with panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea. The pool has seats with whirlpool jets on one side and a large deep end on the other. Below the house is a private seaside patio, and the far end of the site opens out to the Bluefields Beach.

The rooms at the Hermitage are the most commodious of our villas, and have the most spectacular sea views. All of the bedrooms have western-facing outdoor terraces that overlook perfect sunsets reflecting into the beautiful Caribbean. In these bedrooms, one can always hear the sounds of the sea from the antique four-poster mahogany canopy beds.

In building The Hermitage, emphasis was put on working with Jamaican materials and skilled Jamaican craftspersons to achieve a hand-made look that is both rare and unique. The house has floors of either locally quarried pink marble or random-width guango wood, cut-stone walls grace the reception and living areas, and the fine woodwork features built-in mahogany armoires, mahogany arches, hand-crafted curved-top glass French doors and classic West Indian louvers. The home possesses the most upscale finishes, including marble showers, marble countertops, solid brass hardware and bathroom fittings, and fine Jamaican furnishings.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures of Jamaica. Wouldn't it be great to see this all the time? We think so! (In that same spirit, we actually wrote a blog about how to infuse island style into a home, if you're interested!


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