Monday, June 2, 2008

Going Green

Green may be the most talked about color of the season! In the past when we talked about green we were talking color. Today it can be color or eco philosophy. As a color family, greens are evolving from classic gray-greens to more yellow hued lifestyle nature coloration's. Green represents life, growth, fertility and financial stability. Soft greens are associated with calming influences. When mixed with blues and aquas, greens take on a soothing tropical note associated with rest and rejuvenation. Acid greens will be seen mixed with purples at the upper end. Even old friends like the ever-popular 1970 trademark avocado is re-making itself but this time the colors are called wasabi or gingko! Green is making its way to the head of the class as the new neutral of the season. From an eco standpoint, green Earth friendly products are not only becoming more in demand they are being offered more readily than ever before! The marketplace has seen a resurgence in linen, bamboo, wood, jute and hemp products for the last few seasons. More ecological materials are being introduced as well from recycled plastics and rubber to used x-rays and tires! Design and color must still be right for consumers to purchase these more ecologically minded offerings, but the demand is there. Cost of eco products is high as these items currently are expensive to manufacture. Earth friendly products are still in the early stages of development and can be thought of similar to organic foods just a few years ago and look how far we have come in this area today. The industry is scrambling to address this category of products because inevitably sustainable green is a long-term necessity.

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