Sunday, June 8, 2008

Silk Trees and Plants

You're staying at a gorgeous mountain resort in the middle of a forest of trees. The large lobby is filled with birch and spruce. It looks great and green and you are excited to be there. Everything in the lobby is lush and green. You go to check in and there is a large bouquet of fresh flowers...but wait. There is no smell and usually you're a little sensitive to live flowers, what gives? Don't be surprised. Commercial decorators have know the wonders of Artificial Trees and plants for quite some time. Hotels and offices don't want high maintenance trees that need constant care. They what set it and forget it convenience that comes with high quality artificial trees. Silk trees are available in nearly any size you can imagine and they are available in nearly any tree variety. With the advances in manufacturing that the silk plants industry has gone through, the quality of these artificial plants has gotten to a point where most people don’t notice. Decorating your home with silk plants is a valuable d├ęcor tool. The trees are great for filling empty corners or adding warmth to a poorly lit space. Entryways are perfect for fake trees and can save you $100's over buying expensive furniture to decorate a space you don't spend much time in. You can buy evergreens, foliage trees, tropical trees, fruit trees and flowering trees. You can buy trees that are always in summer or always in fall. If you can't find a tree that is exactly what you are looking for you can have one made for you. Custom built tress are more expensive but they can fill exactly the space and decor you need them to fill. Visit my overstock for great prices at

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