Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Design Trends

Design trends for 2008 are running the gamut from “Earth Friendly” to “Glitz and Glamour.” The trend of coming home to a soothing cocoon at the end of the work day continues to expand design offerings to fit the requirements, varied needs and desires of consumers worldwide. Style also plays a huge role in determining color as well as psychological influences. Rooms are being created as an integrated mix that suits the personal style of the customer, with an end result that is an eclectic mix of pattern and color that is a statement of individuality rather than a grouping of matched “things”.
In the psychology of color we see two historical trends colliding. Normally in an election year we see colors becoming brighter and clearer representing the freshness of change. This is where colors have been predicted to go through 2009. However, with recent economic downturns and the continuing war this could be altered. When the economy is headed in a downward direction, or the country is at war, colors tend to move to grayer more somber shades. Stock market bounces as we saw this week could continue the clear, clean bright predication's for colors and chances are that this will be the case.
Also, watch your fashion design trends, home designs usually copy fabric trends.

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