Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Design Trends

Design trends for 2008 are running the gamut from “Earth Friendly” to “Glitz and Glamour.” The trend of coming home to a soothing cocoon at the end of the work day continues to expand design offerings to fit the requirements, varied needs and desires of consumers worldwide. Style also plays a huge role in determining color as well as psychological influences. Rooms are being created as an integrated mix that suits the personal style of the customer, with an end result that is an eclectic mix of pattern and color that is a statement of individuality rather than a grouping of matched “things”.
In the psychology of color we see two historical trends colliding. Normally in an election year we see colors becoming brighter and clearer representing the freshness of change. This is where colors have been predicted to go through 2009. However, with recent economic downturns and the continuing war this could be altered. When the economy is headed in a downward direction, or the country is at war, colors tend to move to grayer more somber shades. Stock market bounces as we saw this week could continue the clear, clean bright predication's for colors and chances are that this will be the case.
Also, watch your fashion design trends, home designs usually copy fabric trends.

Monday, June 9, 2008


If you love the look of wrought iron or leaded glass, but don’t want to replace doors and windows there is a perfect solution – Tableaux faux wrought iron. It’s lighter than real wrought iron so you can hang it like art, use it to decorate transom windows or arches and so much more. Tableaux is right at home decorating doors, cabinet inserts, windows, niches, walls, ceilings, arches, cornices, skylights, sidelights, air conditioning grills, interior gates and shutters.
With 30 designs and eight finishes to choose from, Tableaux faux wrought iron is a great way to add personality to your home. You can even request a design of your own for a look that is all yours. Use it to screen undesired views while allowing sunlight to pour into the room. In homes with large wall spans, Tableaux can add texture and visual interest. This look is particularly great to enhance a Mediterranean style design.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Silk Trees and Plants

You're staying at a gorgeous mountain resort in the middle of a forest of trees. The large lobby is filled with birch and spruce. It looks great and green and you are excited to be there. Everything in the lobby is lush and green. You go to check in and there is a large bouquet of fresh flowers...but wait. There is no smell and usually you're a little sensitive to live flowers, what gives? Don't be surprised. Commercial decorators have know the wonders of Artificial Trees and plants for quite some time. Hotels and offices don't want high maintenance trees that need constant care. They what set it and forget it convenience that comes with high quality artificial trees. Silk trees are available in nearly any size you can imagine and they are available in nearly any tree variety. With the advances in manufacturing that the silk plants industry has gone through, the quality of these artificial plants has gotten to a point where most people don’t notice. Decorating your home with silk plants is a valuable d├ęcor tool. The trees are great for filling empty corners or adding warmth to a poorly lit space. Entryways are perfect for fake trees and can save you $100's over buying expensive furniture to decorate a space you don't spend much time in. You can buy evergreens, foliage trees, tropical trees, fruit trees and flowering trees. You can buy trees that are always in summer or always in fall. If you can't find a tree that is exactly what you are looking for you can have one made for you. Custom built tress are more expensive but they can fill exactly the space and decor you need them to fill. Visit my overstock for great prices at

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mood Lighting

When remodeling and decorating, we usually look for furniture, paint, carpets and decorative items as pictures. However, the lighting can have a big impact on the overall look of a room. The lighting design is responsible for setting the mood or ambiance of a space. With careful design and planning for the type, color and hue of the lighting, the room can be given a different ambiance. The right lighting can set a mood, improve productivity and contribute to people’s sense of well-being. It can transform unappealing spaces into desirable ones. Bright rooms give a positive and optimistic feeling, while darker rooms are more intimate and romantic. Research had proven that light can make big difference in how we feel.
This is simply, sexy, cozy and serene. Placing floor spotlights below plants will create the soft shadows which adds to a calm peaceful feeling.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Neutrals/ Purple/Blues/ Paisleys

· Neutrals:
Neutrals are always the safe choice when dealing with color. These combinations are soothing and appeal to those looking for an “uncluttered” feeling. Also look for neutral palettes to pair with metallic accents for an updated blend.
· Purples:
Purples have remained the “new neutral” for over almost ten years, and show no sign of slowing in popularity! This is the color of the mind. Purples will pair with browns for a chic sophisticated combination. Pressing to the forefront are shades of lavender. Soft blue cast lavenders are predicted to be mixed with soft greens for a fresh, clean palette. Think Hydrangeas!
· Blues:
Surprise…spa blue combinations are still in the spotlight! Spa shades are like animal prints they have passed the “fad” stage and have taken their rightful place as a major force in the blue family. Peacock and Turquoise are also making strong fashion statements. Normally, these shades are seen as accents in a color palette, but now they are taking on the primary focus. Blues are being shown in all shades from the lightest sky blues to medium federal and Wedgwood all the way to deep navy.

Radiant Red

Reds continue to play a starring role in the home fashion color palette. Bright red accents will mix with black and white as we move toward the Olympics. We saw this “world event” influence during the Australian Olympics as well. This is when “mineral” coloration's emerged. Along with true reds, look for a softening in the red family as well to include rich raspberries to soft pinks. Pinks will also mix with the black and white palette as a sophisticated high-end combination. Brown shades of red will mix with chocolate and cocoa to create a homespun look that will influence the American country home style as well as reflecting the “cocooning” and “nesting” instincts. This color combination reinforces a sense of stability.

Going Green

Green may be the most talked about color of the season! In the past when we talked about green we were talking color. Today it can be color or eco philosophy. As a color family, greens are evolving from classic gray-greens to more yellow hued lifestyle nature coloration's. Green represents life, growth, fertility and financial stability. Soft greens are associated with calming influences. When mixed with blues and aquas, greens take on a soothing tropical note associated with rest and rejuvenation. Acid greens will be seen mixed with purples at the upper end. Even old friends like the ever-popular 1970 trademark avocado is re-making itself but this time the colors are called wasabi or gingko! Green is making its way to the head of the class as the new neutral of the season. From an eco standpoint, green Earth friendly products are not only becoming more in demand they are being offered more readily than ever before! The marketplace has seen a resurgence in linen, bamboo, wood, jute and hemp products for the last few seasons. More ecological materials are being introduced as well from recycled plastics and rubber to used x-rays and tires! Design and color must still be right for consumers to purchase these more ecologically minded offerings, but the demand is there. Cost of eco products is high as these items currently are expensive to manufacture. Earth friendly products are still in the early stages of development and can be thought of similar to organic foods just a few years ago and look how far we have come in this area today. The industry is scrambling to address this category of products because inevitably sustainable green is a long-term necessity.