Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wood You???

E-Legno’s wooden bathtubs make bathing a relaxing ritual. Made of Canadian cedar (though the manufacturer does accept custom orders with different wood options), the E-Legno bathtub smells as good as it looks: cedar’s aromatic scent is sure to lull you into a transcendental state.

At 200 l x 110 w x 58 h cm, the tub offers a perfect fit while still providing lots of room for water—it holds 350 liters. Lean back against the soft wood; let your skin feel the natural texture. The Japanese have long realized the benefits and pleasures of bathing in wooden tubs; and with the Italians having taken over the concept, the E-Legno tub is designed with modern convenience in mind. Now everyone can bring home the healing power of soaking in wood—why hadn’t we all thought of this before?

E-Legno’s bathtubs come in round and oval shapes (excluding special orders, should you desire an octagon or other polygonal shape), and either design takes into account the curves of the body. If you’ve ever lay back in a bathtub and encountered a hard angle beneath your neck, you’ll appreciate this ergonomic detail; after all, the entire purpose of the bath is to relax your muscles, not aggravate them further. And the gorgeous tubs are also non-toxic, which should come as no surprise since E-Legno’s bath line promotes physical well-being.
Carpenter Francesco De Martino—like many Italian craftsmen, who inherit centuries of design (and must feel pressured to equal their longevity)—takes care to build a product that will last generations. During the first year, the water-resistant cedar will require some maintenance (E-Legno includes an ecologically-safe wax), but the result is worthwhile: the organic material will retain its beauty, and beauty is always in style.


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