Friday, January 1, 2016


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Like the A6DS Fireplace and Spark Modern’sLinear Burner, Planika's Fire Line presents a whole new way to enjoy the unmatched pastime of dozing away a cozy eve,

brandy (or whatever imbibement might tickle your fancy), book, and flickering flames by your side. Like the aforementioned predecessors, Fire Line is a horizontally-oriented burner that (with the help of renowned designers like Arik Levy and Christophe Pillet) is artfully and architecturally integrated into interior or exterior walls—perhaps just the ticket for the cool eves of May.
As regards the behind-the-scenes functionality of the concept(s), however, Planika charts a decidedly greener course than others of its ilk. Touted as the world’s first “smokeless fire,” Fire Line appliances don’t burn fossil fuel, but rather the distinctively named Fanola—“based on ethanol of plant origin, Fanola® is a renewable and green source of energy. While burning it produces no smoke, no smell and leaves no ashes.” Nor does it produce any CO2; thus, it requires neither venting, nor chimney, nor expensive and timely installation. In fact, Planika chucks modesty to the wind in boasting that you can receive your chosen Fire Line model in the mail and be sipping your Hot Toddy fireside within a mere ten minutes.

This last point begs the question, “what variety of Fire Line do you desire?” A question that’s not so simple to answer, given that the appliances’ safety, ease of use, and portability gives rise to multiple incarnations. Enter masters like Levy and Pillet, who respectively contribute Fire High, the millennial answer to the tiki torch; and Jar, the millennial answer to the fire pit.
Beyond the contributions by Levy and Pillet, Planika’s in-house design arm, Planika Studio, offers up some 20 additional styles, from portable affairs like the beguiling L-Shape, to coffee-table numbers like the always comforting Hot Chocolate, to the Architect's Line of customized, permanent installations.

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