Friday, November 16, 2012

Blu Girl Art


Blugirl Art believes in reincarnation.
The only thing all of the chairs in their constantly changing collection have in common is...they have a past.

New life, a fresh look. They've told one story, and now it's time for them to tell another. All we had to do was listen.
They are as utterly original as the people who fall in love with them. As colourful and vivacious, as captivating and complicated.
Blending vibrant colours and bold patterns, with the classic lines of timeless design - these are pieces that don't so much make a statement about their owners, as a declaration
They are strange, beautiful, worn, resilient, and dynamic as the human spirit
Not all of them will speak to you , but one may just shout.

The Betsy

Curvaceous, bold and graphic, this fabulous Victorian couch has gone from sad and unwanted to " yeah baby" take me home in all my fabulousness.
Betsy has a one of a kind hand painted upholstery print, in citron, navy, golden yellow, red, black and lavender.
Trimmed with traditional black gimp and 1/8 self piping
Besty has been refinished in semi gloss white lacquer and rubbed to give a distressed finish in places.

The dings and dents of their history have been intentionally left behind. We are not trying to produce new furniture. We're giving new life to old and recycling.

Visit their website to see more, scarfs, artwork and jewelry

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