Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oversized Sectionals/Sofas

colorful accents pop in neutral living room

Traditional Comfort

A traditional living room needs a big, comfortable sofa. The sofa covers half of the room, but doesn't overpower it.

cozy modern alcove seating

Geometric Sofa

This large sofa is not only functional, it also adds modern architectural detail to this alcove.

sophisticated sectional sofa

Warm, Inviting Focal Point

The focal point of this room, designed by Eileen Gould, is the large sofa. It gives the space a warm, inviting look.

Modular Sofa

This modular sofa is deep and comfortable, and you can rearrange it to fit your needs. The size of the sofa makes it easy to socialize or relax.

sectional sofa defines living space

Fringed and Oversized Sofa

The fringed edges of this big sofa add style and definition to this modern room designed by Erinn Valencich. The oversized sectional is a great place to take an afternoon nap.

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