Friday, April 1, 2011

Full Exposure/Part 4

Glass island (© Warth & Properties/M. Richter)

Glass island

For $13.73 million, a glass and steel home in Son Vida on Mallorca, the Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain, offers much to admire, thanks to its windowlike walls.

Palma-ramic views (© Warth & Properties/M. Richter)

Palma-ramic views

Secured in a gated community overlooking the city of Palma, the Bay of Palma and surrounding mountains, this home offers security and unrivaled natural beauty.

Martha's old crash pad (© Mark Thomas Amadei/Sotheby's International Realty)

Martha's old crash pad

Private homes aren't the only way to get full exposure. Renowned architect Richard Meier designed a number of glass-walled apartment buildings that have attracted celebrity interest. A penthouse duplex in his iconic Perry Street Towers in New York is for sale for $13.9 million. It also happens to be Martha Stewart's old crash pad.

From the terrace (© Mark Thomas Amadei/Sotheby's International Realty)

From the terrace

This really is life in a fishbowl: The apartment has four terraces and spectacular views of the Hudson River and Manhattan through the 11-foot, triple-glazed and UV-protected glass walls.
The views go both ways. But while neighbors and traffic on the West Side Highway might be able to gaze inside, physical access is restricted by a keyed elevator.

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