Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun and Funky Bathrooms

Colorboards is a range of gorgeous custom glass furniture from Keuco. The stunning, personalised glass bathroom designs make the very best of pure color. Colorboards allow you to select a color theme that will create an ambience of your desire… whether you’d like your bathroom to be a place of tranquillity or invigoration. Made of 10mm thick safety glass, Colorboards tailor-made furniture is painted on the back (so the brilliance of the color will never fade). Various wall-mounted solutions are available and include smart details that can be built into the custom glass furniture. Why not include a towel holder, an inbuilt soap foam dispenser or a dispenser of cosmetic tissues in your design? A matching light/mirror is also an option. Keuco, a German company, offers a range of exciting bathroom concepts to explore.
More colorful bathroom furniture sets here, from Lasa Idea.

There’s something wonderful about the chunky, rounded lines of the new funky bathrooms from Cosmogres. Refreshingly different and fun bathroom themes, Unica enamelled ceramic furniture has a childlike playfulness. Created by Sabrina Selli, this design is once seen, never forgotten! The matching toilet and bidet pop out of the wall like bubbles, and come in wall-mounted or floor-standing versions. The basin sits comfortably on a simple wall-mounted shelf. The finishing touch is, of course, the lovely ceramic daisy on the wall - which can be colored by request. Bring the Unica bathroom collection home and turn your bathroom into a fun, funky oasis. By Cosmogres.-via

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