Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Falling from Summer

B&B Italia refines the patio chair with their Crinoline Collection by designer Patricia Urquiloa

Now is a great time to purchase outdoor furniture on sale. The Santa Monica collection from Restoration Hardware is up to 50% off per piece and just in time since the outdoor is coming to a close. This is a quality product made from Indonesian teak designed to last many seasons. The product is well built using "mortise and tenon joinery" which is the original technique when furniture was put together by grooves and carving as opposed to easy approaches like glue. Santa Monica outdoor furniture comes in twelve color options. See the collection at Restoration hardware here.

An Italian family migrated to Peru to make what is now known as Beltempo Outdoor Furniture. Making furniture in Peru was a choice to select fine woods from the rain forest while ensuring its continuation through smart harvesting. By providing jobs and a use for Amazon trees, perhaps they can slow the rate at which the rain forest is cut down. Their philosophy is that if you build a product to last 50 years, natural resources are depleted at a much slower rate. Cumary is a tree that matures in 30-40 years and offers a lifetime of weather resilience due to its Amazon forest roots. Beltemp is a member of the "Global Forest Trade Network" of the WWF which traces the source of any lumber.

Royal Botania offers a sensual and relaxing place to suspend your self above the earth and relax away from the rest of the world. The "Kokoon" shelters you from the surrounding hectic distractions to be alone or with someone special for some really valuable time. Royal Botania has a simply awesome collection of outdoor and patio furniture fit for the most luxurious resorts or right next to your own swimming pool. See more of he Kokoon hammock lounge and find a Royal Botania dealer here.

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