Thursday, July 9, 2009

La Concha Revival

Designed by architects Osvaldo Toro and Miguel Ferrer, the hotel was completed in 1958. Marchand and Rosselló created an atrium to open up the lobby to the pool deck.

Rosselló designed handblown Murano glass lamps for the iconic restaurant, which was conceived by Mario Salvatori.

In the presidential suite, Rosselló, who designed furniture for all of the guest rooms, used modern pieces in the same palette of white found throughout the hotel.

The penthouse terrace.

Windows of the guest rooms were enlarged, and the small balconies were eliminated. “We put that space back into the room,” says Rosselló. “Now it is all about the air, the light, the water, the view.” Donghia throw fabric.

Recessed, colored lighting and Amanece, made with strands of silk by artist Sandra Golbert, lend the reception area a sense of playfulness.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, architect José R. Marchand and interior designer Jorge Rosselló restored and updated historic La Concha hotel. Inspired by the original design, colorful bridges connect the shell-shaped restaurant to the hotel.

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