Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blue Girl Art/Vintage Modern

My Featured Designer today is Suzanne Meyer-Pistorious

Choose custom designed fabrics for any area in your home or an original designer gown creating excitement wherever it is worn.While Suzanne will showcase some of her custom designs as apparel, she does not make or sell apparel, the fabrics are draped to give a suggestion of how they can be used to make your one of a kind designer gown.

In recent articles, I have featured clothing designers such as Armani and Coco Chanel, whose clothing line inspired their home decor creations. I believe Suzanne is following in their footsteps, in the reverse, displaying her fabulous hand painted fabrics for, furniture, pillows and art, while introducing the idea for lovely designer gowns. As a designer, I can see making a wood frame to your own dimensions and framing it with your choice of one of her hand-painted prints to make a dramatic statement on any wall as an actual piece of art.

Any of her designs can be used for various applications in the home from upholstery to drapes and cushions.

Eco - friendly chairs with an uncommon flair; fun and funky with style!!

This Fabulous Victorian lady has been modernized yet retains a classic look with a poppy circle paint job on the seat and an abstract floral print on the back. Paints are metallic blues, brown and bronze with flat black accent swirls. Finished with 1/8 double welt trim.
The dings and dents of their history have been intentionally left behind. While not trying to produce new furniture, she is giving new life to old vintage while recycling.
With a content of 60 % hemp and 40% silk. This fabric has a subtle sheen and a silky smooth finish.

You don't always have to hang your art on the wall.
Like choosing clothes that suit your own unique taste.. functional household items can be stunning works of art that are part of your everyday life.
Blugirl Art where fabric becomes fabulous;
Born out of a desire to create something new out of something old, her chairs are one of a kind original pieces of ART that will create a sophisticated statement in your home or office. Destined to become collectors items.
Featuring Artwork by Max Rudolph, original collage's created from recycled paper products and found objects. Read more about him on her website.

Suzanne Meyer-Pistorious believes in reincarnation, at least where furniture is concerned. The Springfield, Massachusetts based artist rescues antique chairs, giving them new life by dressing them up in her hand-painted fabrics. These centuries old pieces may once have led lives of quiet refinement, gracing parlors swathed in velvet and brocade, but today, outfitted in Meyer-Pistorius's vibrant fabrics, they're at home in both traditional and contemporary settings. Among her favorites is Alabaster Rouge, a Louis XIV-style chair with a glazed finish. Meyer-Pistorius salvaged the chair, complete with its original horsehair, and re-covered it with a silk-and-hemp blend in vivid terracotta with accents of black and burnished gold. The chrysanthemum- trellis design is "grandiose" says Meyer-Pistorius-an appropriate look, I think, for a chair named for a king".

While visiting her site, don't miss a thing, plan to stay awhile to appreciate this talented designer's style.


  1. Cynthia
    Thank you so much for your fabulous piece on my work. I my former life I did work in the Fashion business, now my focus is on fabric and print.

  2. Thank you Suzanne, it was a pleasure meeting you and discovering you creative talents.


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