Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Stage?" A Little Style Works, Just Not Yours"

There are many reasons to stage your home. For example in this photo you immediately feel the ambiance, calmness and freshness as you do when walking into a model home. It is refreshing, clean and well coordinated. We get comfortable in our homes, leaving items out that need to be put away and out of sight and only until a stranger walks into the room do we realize that Oopps, I should have ?? A prospective buyer wants to visualize their items in the room with a clean slate to look at and or how their home will or can look.

Reasons to Stage:
  1. A seller listens to a Stager differently than to a Broker.
  2. A Stager can help secure listings for a Broker.
  3. A Stager is versed in staging techniques to enhance a property. She looks at the architecture of the property and advises how to best showcase this property.
  4. A Stager can guide a seller as to how to pack , what to pack , and oversee these processes if necessary, thereby taking the strain off of the seller and ultimately the Broker.
  5. According to statistics, Staged Homes sell about 50% faster than un-staged homes.
  6. According to statistics, the average difference in selling price over list price is nearly 4 times higher than un-staged homes.
  7. Staging costs less than a first markdown.
  8. Investing in staging your residence increases the return on one of your most important investments.
  9. Whatever the approach, staging homes for market appears to make a difference to buyers.
  10. Stagers offer a variety of services – from assessments, rearranging the existing furnishings to creating an entirely new “look.”

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