Thursday, September 25, 2008

Designer Showcase

Coordinate fabric designed on the pillows to accent the purple and red
Overstuffed chairs and headboard was covered in print to match bed ensemble
Accessories added the final touch using art, plants, statues and personal items
The wall was a faux using a pale yellow and white to soften the room and bring out the pastel yellows in the print and accent pillows
The green and pale yellow silk stripe was used was used for the end table covers and for lining the draperies
View from Master Bedroom into Master Sitting Room
View from Master Sitting Room into Master Bedroom

Master Suite Sitting Room/Not shown in this picture was an antique love seat across from the fireplace which was covered in the pale yellow and green silk stripe which lined the draperies and was used for the table tops. A green and yellow tassle trim added the final touch of elegance to the draperies

I recently had a request to reprint this about a Designer Showcase I did in Columbus Georgia.

I was lead designer in this showcase of homes project. My project was the master suite, consisting of the sitting room, bedroom and master bath. Proceeds went to support the local symphony.

This was quite a large bedroom, I selected this floral print which showcased 26 colors in the pattern. I then used red, green, yellow and purple as my accent colors. A small room could not handle this large pattern, this allowed the room to have a warmer feeling. First I choose a pale yellow and faux painted the walls which were originally white. I added the light fixture, replaced the carpet from a dark brown to an off white bringing out the background of the fabric. The table skirts and drapes are lined in a pale yellow and green stripe creating a garden escape feeling. There was a surrounding patio which displayed a flower garden making this room feel an extension of the garden.

The sitting room sofa was upholstered in the same yellow and green stripe and the floral pattern lined with the same stripe was then carried through on the half draperies which were displayed on a swing rod giving the room a three dimensional look allowing more view to the garden.

When working with a large room, as you can see, color and a lot of it works!!! The room has a clean fresh yet romantic feel with a softness to reflect a mellow yet fun mood.

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